Tier 3 Smelt crates gave zero items

@Kay @Luxendra @Lane

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AMAZING how every time i speak to Customer service live chat there connection drops… again showing shit poor customer service

I’ve opened 8-10 T3 boxes and no gear. What are the rates for these items?

28x t3 here. no gear at all…

Well this is concerning. I saved up 150 crates just for today and now I’m shitting myself too much to open them. I was at 427k before all this saving up of the crates…

its random bugs like this that affect players you might be fine mate :frowning: good luck if you do open them

Thanks for the report! The team is investigating the issue and recommends keeping these caches unopened until a fix is implemented. When I have more information, I’ll update you here but in the meantime, this issue is now listed in the Known Issues list.

I just opened my 150 crates. I got a full set plus one extra leg and 4 extra smocks. Also almost 20k flux holy Jesus.

0,1% drop rate? Haha, if you get one you are rich, nw breaking economy again.

what is wrong with Camelot?

She said they were looking into it in another thread. Plus it just died again haha

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thats to late… i allready opened all my crates and created a ticket which should be passed to your Dev team

im down 40,000 ore 2943 starmetal ingots and 200k gold

here is the ticket

Ticket ID V532588542 Customer service said today they will pass to you

can i please atleast get my account rolled back which is what i asked CS for

Hey Lux - can you make coin buying an acceptable thing so I can get 150 T3s? Where TF do people get that much gold

@Luxendra what about those people who already opened their crates before you highlighting to not open them? I personally opened 16 crates, invested around 150-200K with nothing.

i really hope they role back those accounts affected if not then its over for me,

@luxendra You can’t just reccomend people to not open caches they were saving for weeks after it was communicated it will give stuff. Majority of the people opened them already and since its yet your another fuck up, give people their smelter sets free now.


Looks like the problem is they didnt give info about drop rate, some of smelter items are in trading post. Anyway the drop rate should be bugged too, it seems toooo low.

Hawkes_gaming I fail hard trying to understand how you could even open 150 tier 3 cache as there to my knowledge is only 100 aptitude levels to get a tier 3 cache

the bug here though is that some of us GOT zero items

i mean Zero nothing Ziltch notta Bumpkis

no azoth
no cinnibar
no torvin
no flux etc

ah okay wtf, i have like 20 boxes but i will not open then :frowning: I was waiting for the patch yo upgrade my weaponsmithing but seems i need to keep waiting, need that obsidian flux zZzZzZz

sounds like 5% drop rate to me no?