Tier 5 potions getting more and more expensive

I play this game for the PvP and therefor use a lot of potions to keep myself alive. Usually there hasnt been much issue buying these of the trading post because they used to be pretty cheap. But health potions suddenly went from 0.10-0.20gold to 1-5 gold and Regen pots are at 20g many points of the day.

This is because of several reasons. Greedy capitalists are buying out the market and making the price much higher than needed, and there as less and less people farming and crafting these. Together with playernumbers being really low on my server. I get a lot of regen potions while doing level 60 content, but they are nearly all t2, why is that?

I have zero desire to go out and farm and craft these. Why can’t we do the content we enjoy and getting rewarded at the same time?

I really think T5 potions, espescially health and regen should be buyable of the faction vendor aswell as giving more potions as rewards in general. I salavage 100% of the OPR loot I get, I much rather get 5x potions instead of that useless gear. The new update is gonna make OPR gear feel alot better, but I would still love to get some potions as rewards aswell. OPR is already going to reward faction points so the whole issue would be resolved if t5 potions were added to the faction vendor.

You are aware that they were that cheap in the first place because people pushed their Arcana Levels and dumped the Potions Crafted for cheap?
Also the drop rate in chests for those a potions is pretty high, but less and less people are doing chestruns generating and selling those potions.

Currently to craft one of those potions the materials alone cost 6 Gold and more. So it’s understandable why those potions rise in price. They were way to low in price to begin with.

I would suggest you A. Do more chestruns to get potions. B. Craft them yourself and waste your own Money. C. Buy Potions of a lower Tier that also offer a great portion of the heal the highest provide.

You don’t allways have to use the best. Its your own decision to do so, but you have to be aware that there is always a cost involved.

About the part of greedy Captitalists, I crafted some potions myself and saw the descrepancy. I’ve been stocking up un potions for 0.04 Gold for about a month or two, but I have not robbed anyone of those as they have been dumped in masses. Yes I plan on selling these sometime in the future, but anyone could’ve realised this and taken on this longtime investment, but be aware, there is a massive risk involved. The prices have actually been going down on my server for quite some time now.

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potions should be like ammo in opr: infinite.

…or they should be disabled.

…if you like the current potionspam, maybe start the game with 100 azoth and add a shop into the respawn, so you can buy stuff before the game starts? like in wars?


Im fully aware thats a big reason pots were cheap. But I also see other more populated servers not having this issue.

I will never go back to chest runs. They dont award anything usefull at all other than these potions. Its dead content when you already have expertise.

I would craft myself but I never got around to level arcana, or any proffesions at all. Im lazy and I dont enjoy the grind, as I said, I enjoy the PvP. I try to play competetive and when our servers dominating company are rocking full BiS with stacks of t5 gemstome dust, oakflesh and T5 potions, its hard to really keep up without atleast using t5 potions yourself.

I dont understand why anyone would be against having T5 HP and regen pots in the faction vendor. Every single argument to changes to this game is “Oh but it will kill crafting”, why should everyone be forced to be dependent on crafting?

I 100% agree that Chestruns are dead Content, aswell as that it’s hindering PvP for those that can’t put in as much time.

But the problem, again, is the system overall.
In the old Combat System in Alpha, it was not about who can Tank more damage while Dealing more damage. Drinking a Potion was risky as it left you open for attack. That is not the case today as everyone is Sprinting around without having to give a f about their Stamina, Buttonsmashing each others head in.

Yeah its sad to see the lack of direction this game has :confused:

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I agree.

There is so much stuff being over generated and so much stuff being undergenerated, compared to what was originally planned.

They put in “content” in Form of Expertise and Mutations in the game that have massive effects on many other aspects of the game. To me It does not look like they have taken, all the implications that will come with, those changes into account.

I wholesomly wish they would do a complete restart of the game starting with the reimplementstion of Alpha Combat and undoing all the “weapon balancing”.
My guess is, that alone will bring back the Players that want a Challenging Gaming Experience, what NewWorld stood for in the first place and undo most of the Problems that have been created.

I also think thats what the game needs. There is so many poorly desgined systems and with all the exploits, early advantages with bugs etc, this launch has just been terrible. Nothing has ever really felt fair in this game.

As much as I love the combat and PvP, I would prefer if they just shut the whole game down for a year and redesigned and balanced so many of these issues. Doubt it will ever happen though.

I do like the upcoming PTR patch, but its only fixing a very small portion of all the games problems, and we have yet to see how much will break with that patch.

If you are concerned about the price of health pots, perhaps you should consider crafting your own. Keep in mind that ONE health pot requires Hyssop, Azoth Water and a Medicinal Reagent. If you want the price of health pots to drop, but you’re not high enough arcana, you can go and gather the resources, put them on the trading post reducing their cost. For the last few months, on my server, the cost of the mats to make a health pot is 8g, but the pot sells for 1.

This is market economy.

(Also, when playing OPR you can get health pots with the azoth from killing 2 wolves. so you spend 30 seconds at the beginning and are set for the rest of the match)

As I said, farming is not something I enjoy in this game.

I do not play OPR to do PvE, I am killing maybe 2-4 NPCs for some azoth for the foodbuff, but 10 potions from 2 wolves would not get me far. Im spamming health potions nearly off cooldown.

Are you not aware of the irony here?

“I am lazy and do not want to do chest runs, farm materials, or level my arcana - but I expect those that do these things will sell their goods to me for pennies.”

There’s nothing AGS needs to change to make potions cheaper. Top tier potions should cost more gold.

Im fully aware im not helping the problem.

But im not asking people to sell potions and not even make a profit. Im asking for potions in general to be more accessible from content people actually are doing. OPR and wars is what consumes most potions, but its kinda troll to spend the currencies in there on HP potions instead of better resources. If there actually was Regen potions in there, maybe I would :stuck_out_tongue:

I did a lot of genesis (lvl 60 dungeon) last week and Im rewarded with tier2 regen pots, how does that even make sense

U get about 300g from a game if u do refused to do anything else in game other than PvP and u do need potions spend gold on that.even if it’s like 5g u get like enough gold for 60 use food instead of regen potions

No one wants to spend their time/money so u can have a fun time
Playing market? They find fun in that and u can’t be bothered about it fine don’t complain about the fact that price is going up when u do nothing

In the end this all sounds like a U problem
I use like 30+mana pots per mutation run i don’t complain (well it went over 1g and still rising) IDC i make em u should too

Also keep in mind the price disparity I mentioned in my post:

I’m a 200 arcanist who does a lot of crafting/PvE content. But even the prices you are quoting on your server don’t make it profitable for me to make Health Pots, given how accessable they are in 60+ chest runs. If I’m not making profit, I’m not making them and so an aspect of the game is dying.

What you’re asking for is a mechanism to be able to consistently play a single aspect of the game, specifically ignoring other aspects of the game, for free… thereby lowering the market need for the product that is currently valued so low that I don’t bother making them.

New World is not designed to make it easy to play a single aspect of the game and ignore all others. New World is designed to significantly reward well rounded players. It’s 100% possible to play the game how you want, but expect it to be very expensive so that it ensures that there is still a viable market for me, ensuring it is viable for me to play the game how I want. (I like that I’m making profit on your shoulders :slight_smile: )

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It has worked just fine until now. My server is getting lower and lower and its heavily impacting the market. Ive had no issue spending gold on potions even if they are abit overpriced, aslong I dont go in minus while doing OPR, which is now hard.

Potions is pretty much a core element to this game with they way they are designed with such short CDs and several perks making them even stronger. They are already in the faction shop, but they stop at t4 for some reason. I dont see why we can’t buy T5 potions for faction points too.

Bcs that will reduce the value of t5 potions which are ment to be rate to find not use a 100 in one opr also unless u are a glasscanon build u don’t need much of potions and if u are your not ment to be in middle of a deathballl

They are not rare to find? Its just that the content (chest runs) where you find them are dead.
And I am a “glasscannon build” that specialize on going in and quickly out. Im light armor bruiser and I look for the big clumps and blow my CDs and get out again. I use alot of potions to stay alive.

Can you try to write something more comprehensible?

It takes like 10mins to craft 50 potions (get azoth water and hyssip) buy the rest u can do it while u wait in queue for opr but u refused to do that its open world fo game not just opr. I am not really a PvP guy.i really like crafting yes but not much of gathering but I have to and I’m fine with it

Cost of making is way more than what it can sell for. Just go chug your water.