Tier V resources and the way to obtain them

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I have 1950 hours played at the time I’m writing this post. I strongly believe that the following should be implemented in the game in one way or another and that it will change the game for good. I decided to share this, as I’ve been discussing this with a lot of people in game and they were sharing close if not the same feeling and opinion. So lets drop it down…

All Tier V resources should be obtainable ONLY if you are PvP flagged (on) !
Yes, you heard it correct. If you want to farm tier 5 materials, you should be flagged for PvP. In the past a luck of 30% was added to stimulate people to put the flag on so the game would have more drama and fights. This however changed back to previous state, due to the boxes that you get from the aptitude levels. I have 210 aptitude level on mining and believe me I know all the spots and ways to farm orichalcum. The only time I am not PvP flagged is when I go for dungeons with people from the other faction. On the other hand all the nodes of orichalcum, wirefiber and ironwood trees are farmed constantly by people on PvE. Now a lot of you would say - I dont want to be involved in PvP and I want to enjoy the game to its fullest. Well, feel free to do so, but you will have to cut short the Tier V mats.

Lets present one of the annoying scenarios that occur every single minute somewhere in the game :

You are flagged and you are out for blood (after all its a PvP game (was)) and some orichalcum. You see a pile of nodes near by Camilius. In your mind you are like - Great, I will have some orichalcum ingots for my daily cool downs - but then out of nowhere a PvE hero who is camping the node all day long pulls a group of mobs on you and he steals the resource. Now in this situation you cannot do anything. Neither you can farm the node, neither to chase and kill the guy. Another great mechanic in the game is when most of those people are aware on which spots and how to lose agro from the mobs (as they are doing it 24/7).

As I can give a lot of reasons why PvE gathering should be restricted or at least heavily reduced, my english is telling me to stop here and give room for the people in our community to take a side on this topic. I strongly believe that there should be benefit for those who are actually playing the game as intended (PvP on) and they should not be punished, because the bots on PvE or the people who are most likely gold sellers are camping the nodes of Tier V materials.

TLDR : Tier V materials should not be obtainable if you are on PvE, or at least reduce the quantity of the gathered material to 10-20% of the current amount.


Not read it all, but there isn’t enough resources to support high pop servers period. The word camping offenders tend to be PVP flagged to be honest.

They need to fix the resource model, it promotes toxic gameplay. They dont need to make things so difficult that the few remaining people just sell to hell with it.

Removal contested PVE resources would be the best option, perhaps offer raw materials when you salvage, or provide material reward crates for repeatabel missions.

Many things that can be done.


the worst*

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Hello SideBob,

The problem comes when there are companies and people who are playing for much longer and invested way more time and effort than others. Therefore with the current system they are punished by someone, who most of the cases is just a bot (not even level 60) who would stay there and take the nodes. As you mentioned the resources are not enough to supply full server for their daily cooldowns. That’s exactly the point I want to make, as for those resources there should be fights and contesting, not few bots who are untouchable and can either way pull you mobs if you go for their nodes.

The goal for the highest tear materials is to establish a competition, as with it you and your company will have the opportunity for crafting and upgrading. When those resources are farmed by afk people, they simply input a negative side in the game, as most of them are gold sellers. Hence, once mined this resource will be sold 1st on the market and then the gold will be sold for real money to complete the cycle.

If measures are taken and those changes are implemented, the bots/sellers will not have that freedom which they have now. They will have to fight back for their resources, or simply log in to mine when everyone is asleep. This will bring a lot more tension between the factions and the companies and will make the game even more interesting.

Also good thing to note is that the lower level/gear players will still have their chance to obtain those materials via market. In a good and healthy server (1.4k-2k+ people) every type of resource regardless of its tier is a good way to earn money. Therefore, I don’t think that this will limit some new players from progressing at all.

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There either have to be more nodes in the first place to support high pop servers or people need to take more risks to be able to mine those nodes by PvP flagging so that you can atleast directly fight other players for them.

The current model definitely promotes a lot of toxicity and it is really unfun to farm some of the Tier 4 & 5 resources.

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I flag at least 80% of the time. No to forced PvP. The game was intended to flag if you want to PvP, not flag if you want to harvest tier 5. Don’t try to make up the games intentions to suit a narrative.

There are just as many PvP players pulling mobs onto PVE players btw. Don’t try using that as an excuse.


AGS adjust time respawn vein 10 minutes to 20 minutes on Caminus

This is one of the few ideas that would get me to uninstall the game.


All I can say to OP is HELL NO


No, I think you didn’t list the reasons because there ISN’T any reason why pve gathering should be restricted. This game is both PvP and PvE. There is a valid argument that there should be more Tier V nodes and I could see them adding more but turning to ‘All PvP’ mode is an absolutely terrible idea.


YAY another necro thread.

Not original. Been brought up many times and rejected. Your hidden agenda is not camouflaged.

You are going to have to try harder!

Cheers m8


absolutely not.

the only reason it is such an issue is because of the scarcity of nodes.

nothing more than that. and that has nothing to do with pvp or pve.

pve can pull mobs

pvp can bully people and also pull mobs too so this whole concept of stealing resources is bullshit.

ideally it would be a properly maintained and metered instance nodes that adjust with the population.

for a quick and easy thing. just make fight island where you can legit fight for all the ori you can eat and take off of peoples bodies.

dont use pve’ers refusal to fight you as an excuse to nerf their yield thats seriously dumb and short sided.


Hard pass.
As stated in other threads of the same topic just instance the nodes. Problem solved. I thought ags changed the way the mobs agro now?

They did change it but its not perfect. Mobs can still be dragged on you and if they hit you while actually trying to hit the other guy, they are then agro to you too. Even if they aren’t you took most of the node, get knocked off it and other player just takes one swing at it for the steal.

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Terrible suggestion. We will end up with groups of flagged players slaughtering players out on a basic resource run.


Sorry but playing PvP is not how the game was intended as you say. How many threads does there have to be on this? The scope was changed in 2019 because of the toxic behavior of PvP players. That is a fact, feel free to look it up,

I like some PvP but the minute I am forced into flagging to do something as benign as gathering I will uninstall immediately.

PLEASE AGS, create a full loot, full time PvP server for these people so we can have a peaceful gaming experience on the rest of the servers.


How many times must this absolutely stupid idea be brought up?


Dude… I’m flagged 99% of the time and even I think this is idiotic.

It’s bad enough that you have flagged griefers standing on top of orch nodes all damn day. You’re lucky to be able to farm any T5 nodes (other than harvesting and skinning) with the amount of bots and farmers (including legit people trying to gather resources).

It blows my mind how the market has multiple sales for thousands of ore per person and It blows my mind how that’s even possible. I spend about an hour searching and fighting for a chance to get even 100 orch ore that isn’t swarmed by 4-5 people fighting over the same node.

Making it pvp only… ridiculous. PVP isn’t the only people who play and craft in this game. That’s so selfish of you to even say.

We need to have random spawns for ore to get around this territory bs.


Good thing AGS isn’t dumb enough to even entertain this totally dumb idea that would be the absolute death nail of their game.

As for the rest of your wall of text. Just took that first line to realize the rest of it had nothing of substance!

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bring back gleamite meteors. but make them ori and star metal.

mimic rock monsters to deal with bots (if its randomized its going to be far harder to script it)

randomized ori nodes spread out in more parts of the map.

more ori in dungeons,

fight island filled with t5 mats.

i think the new area with shifting dunes could be a cool place to do randomized nodes.