Tiered Crafting Benches Suck for Crafters

You should be able to craft anything wherever you are. Currently there is only 1 cooking station above T4 on my server and if it gets downgraded then cooking screeches to a halt.

The tier of a station shouldn’t prevent certain recipes from being crafted, but should impact the chance of receiving bonus items or the number of materials needed, and how much crafting tax goes to the governing company. This still incentives people to upgrade their towns without being an annoyance when trying to get on with your day.

Either that or allow materials to be drawn down from any storage while at any crafting bench and improve shed sorting - we still don’t have alphabetical sorting within categories

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They agree with you and are working to fix this in the latest PTR. I would recommend reading through this post and leaving feedback!


Thank you, I wasn’t aware of that thread and hopefully it will have a positive impact

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