Tiger's Instinct

If your point was the state of low population servers then you might be getting quite off topic in this thread. I do understand your frustration, I have been on a 150 person server for a while before I transferred to Barri, and I do believe that locking some content behind group activities may be unreasonable, but this is not the case and where it is applicable the devs have shown improvements (Well Guardian). At the end of a day this is supposed to be an mmo so farming a lvl 66 elite boss imo should not be soloable. Could Woodworker’s gloves be made more attainable (maybe add them in aptitude boxes, or adding a pity drop when you get a drop you haven’t gotten in X tries)? Yes they could be. Should they though? Some items are rare and difficult to get by design and that’s what keeps players engaged in a game like New World. After all if anyone can get any item in a matter of an hour that would just be boring.

Making a rare, and difficult excuse, for a design that is actually problematic, and will always result in the same outcome on every server given time, is part of why this game is still losing players.

If the design is so bad that there is no reason to ever farm the mob that drops certain items. after a certain point those items become unobtainable.

Name one reason to farm Bovarn, that would interest anyone that already has woodworkers gloves, and is already between 600-625 on their gear. Coin isn’t even a valid answer since you can easily make more coin faster solo without trying to convince others to farm for a drop.

Sorry but I fail to see why a mob should be farmable forever. I always thought of farming as a means of getting certain items to drop, anything else is just a bonus be it a little coin, obsidian gypsum or pots. And even then, part of why farms like this will never get abandoned is market fluctuations. Maybe today it’s not worth farming this mob but in a week most of the gloves will get sold out and then it might be worth giving it a try.

There’s a few I think are pretty good;

Dreadwake (Dynasty Mutation)

  • STR, Refreshing Move, Enchanted, Refreshing

Accursed End (Dynasty Mutation)

  • DEX, Keen, Viscious, Refreshing

Blackguard’s Hatchet (Coming Soon)

  • STR, Thwarting Strikes, Keen, Keenly Empowered

I really like dreadwake because it lets me keep berserk up almost 100% of the time and rend

That directly is opposed to your previous statement.

If you can’t complete a set what is going to keep that player engaged? Like I stated it really doesn’t behoove anyone playing the game to continue making bad excuses, for obvious flawed designs. Yet here it is in black, and white again. Forums are full of poor excuses for flaws in the game.

You still can’t see past your bubble, there are no gloves, and haven’t been for a while on my server. This can be said for a lot more than just the gloves. There is no reason to join a group to farm something you do not need, when coin can be made faster solo. This leaves new players in a state of limbo, where certain drops are concerned.

Do I even need to mention that the drop rates are tied to the assumption of a set number of players, and that since those drop rates do not adjust when player levels drop below the assumed optimal level, it creates an item drought that in turn drives even more players away?

Borvarn’s tag was fixed from "Borvarn " to “Borvarn” ( the was an extra space in the broken tag)

This made it possible for the woodworkers gloves to drop, but, because there is another issue with Borvarn’s Tagging (He’s a named enemy, but not tagged with the “Named” tag).

This makes the gloves about 20 times as rare as almost all other crafting clothing.

But that bug also prevents Tiger’s instinct from dropping at all.

See :

It’s not even going to matter, there is no compelling loop to make anyone continue farming him in the first place.

NW is surprisingly devoid of actual game loops, when the base concept actually gives an abundance of opportunities to design compelling interlocked game loops.

Tigers insects is clearly an AOE slow casted by shamans

Nobody “farms” borvarn, but he definitely gets killed every day during imperial chest runs. If the tags get fixed, that will dramatically increase the chances that we see the gloves on the TP, and definitely allow for Tigers Instinct to be farmed from him if people really want to.

As to whether or not any of this is a good design… well, thats utterly beside the point. Tiger’s Instinct is a nice hatchet that people want, but cant have because of a bug.

Chest runs? What chest runs? You do realize those never happen anymore in many servers… don’t you?

Actually it’s not. It’s the entire point. If the design itself causes player retention issues, which it does, then failing to address that will have a poor outcome. I can’t get excited about a having a hatchet in a game with no players, even as someone that likes the hatchet.

Well, Im on El Dorado, so, 5-6 chest runs a day, during the week, many more on weekends.

This thread is about getting a hatchet. You could hijack any old thread you want and make the same arguments, moaning about player retention and design decisions.

Our server doesn’t have a problem with woodworker’s gloves. I got mine, I bought it. Just camp it. Weaponsmith’s pants is not rare in my server. People farm them everyday.

What we do not have is the ANCIENT MANDIBLE!!!

That is exactly what I mean about people not being able to see past their own bubble. People keep asking for mergers, but unless the reasons for the decline are addressed, mergers are just delaying the inevitable.

Ignoring the underlying issues is the equivalent of sticking one’s head in the sand. Again what good is the Hatchet if nobody is left playing the game. It’s not hijacking the thread at all, it’s digging deeper than asking for bug fix that will amount to a hill of beans without other changes.

It’s laughable as people transferring, and expecting the server they join not to also decline, while claiming everything is fine, oblivious to the fact many servers can’t even populate an OPR if everyone online cues.

Yeah, it totally is. Theres no need or point to “dig into the underlying issues”. If you want to start a thread about how the sky is falling, by all means.

This thread is to talk about Tiger’s Instinct, and somewhat related drops from Borvarn. Nobody here cares what your opinion is on why or how theres a player decline, or what you think should be done about it.

I’ll be honest I didn’t read every post in this thread .

But two amazing hatchets come out of dynasty mutation dungeon .

Dread wake : refresh, refresh move , enchanted

Accursed end : keen , vicious , refresh

They also look cool ^^^

Hard to beat those without craft rolling and getting a true god roll imo

Just realized how old this topic is lmao my bad . I was not the one who revamped it but my response doesn’t rly make sense idt

those are good but tigers instinct is way better for a specific build. rogue+vicious is insanely powerful for the assasination builds. light armor sns+hatchet cheese build that shits on light armor users. nothing comes even close to tigers instinct, by far the highest dmg you can do with your free backstab feral rush

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Funny! That is what I was referencing when you responded in first place.

You finally got one thing correct. Most do not care about the player decline, or the reasons until it personally enters their “Bubble”. Which is the exact reason nothing is going to be done about the myriad of underlying problems. Clearly better to just let it bleed out, while allowing some people to get a hatchet. Obviously it’s my bad for not wanting the game to vanish.

You can be as passionate as you want about it, have all kinds of ideas and suggestions etc, but forum threads are topical, and useful to stay on topic. Every thread on this forum can be steered into “what’s really wrong with this game” but then it just becomes a pointless moan fest.

If there’s a valuable hatchet, more people will farm Borvarn and get gloves on the process. Nobody farms for the gloves because almost nobody cares about getting an extra 2% woodworking refining, or completing the set, or they tried and gave up because the drop rate is worse than weaponsmith pants, and the farm is equally challenging.

Im just trying to encourage you to start another thread/post whatever if you want to talk about the “underlying issues” . There’s still plenty folks playing this game, that care about specific parts, and none of us really need to “get out of our bubbles”