Time for a gamer strike

No longer will we tolerate playing games that are releae too early . No longer will we pay for unfinished stuff. It is time to strike . They dont want to listen to us well let them have an empty game. As from now we (and anyone else who wish to back this up) wont play this game until they make it playable. We paid a full game that we cant play, they have many easy fix they could use but they wont because money. STIKE BROTHERSLET THEM WORK ON AN EMPTY GAME.


While an excellent idea, and the correct course of action

I have zero (0) faith in the willpower of a gamer to deny himself instant gratification of a new, unfinished shitty game.


Hey im on day 5 of no new world . Everything good ^^.



I don’t know who the “We” is unless you have a mouse in your pocket. Maybe stock up on a bit of cheese to keep the little bastard happy so he doesn’t abandon you.

We as me and my guild mates / friends.

Have fun storming the castle.

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We shall take La Bastille. Vive l’empereur.


Please do a forum strike as well. That will really show them!


Hate to agree but I do. It’s like junkies going on a heroin strike.

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Pretty obvious now why they didn’t roll with a subscription, it would’ve given to much power to the disgruntled. Instead its put up or shut up and just write it off as a poor deci$ion and move on.

Imagine working yourself up into such a jaded and dissatisfied state that you’d rather campaign for other players to stop playing a game just because you don’t like it than just quit and find something better to do.

Touch Grass

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I already wait for the “Final deluxe Game of the year - edition”… I have to wait a few years but who cares, will be cheaper and better. (NW I got a free key so, whatever, I pay for skins when they fix this).

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