Time for Cool downs to be addressed?

Hi all just a quick one and I do hope people agree and thumbs up the thread. I have put alot of hours in again recently doing stuff like grinding up my GS, finally getting my trade skills up but one thing is really really getting on my nerves and that is the 18-24hr cooldowns they have on everything important, from Gypsum juice, Casts, Elite Chests, crafting so on and so on.

I personally have ended up at the point where all my cooldowns were getting later and later and I would log in the next day at an earlier time and would still be waiting for the damned cool downs.

Please for the sake of sanity and QOL can we have all 18-14hr cooldowns changed to a midnight reset ? That way we are all able to have our “late nights” and “early mornings” and not be impacted quite as much ?

It will also improve the situtation where we have people in my group / company who all have different cool downs.

I hope you conisder this Amazon!

Please thumbs up if you agree.

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