Time for some positivity! Rate the name above you

I’ll go first.

Sassy Beard

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Admit it… this thread is just to flex your name! :wink:

Ok, I’ll give you a 8.5/10


Gives me spider vibes 7/10 would burn down the forest to kill it

LOVE that kind of names… 10/10

6/10, Im just not a fan of Numbers in names

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10/10 for creativity. my name though is Possibly radioactive.

Nexthell, 8/10, a bit negative, but fitting for an online forum.

9/10 I’m pretty sure I saw some of your kind in game and… uuuh… we might need to sit down for this.

This name gives me Warlock vibes. 9/10

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Don’t ask me why, but with the ending -un my brain goes “feral, yeah beastly, brutal, savage, cool” to “fairy, cute harmless and probably adorable” still 9/10 for that rollercoaster in my brain.

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9/10 because beeeeeee


10/10 - the series was good entertainment and ended too soon. :slight_smile:

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10/10 for the uniqueness! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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Sounds so psychedelic 10/10

Pretty epic name 10/10

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