(Time gating rant) Congrats, you've effectively made this a mobile phone game

Seriously though, the time gating. Do the devs only play phone games and think putting these types of time limits on players are in any way good? Oh, yeah, raid shadow legends did that, lets do that too!

Daily cooldown on chest, daily cooldown on gypsum and so on… Heck, you need a new key every time to do a dungeon, which requires materials that are an absolute pain (and crafting those has a cooldown too).

Here’s a tip, if I want to play a game that focuses so heavily on gathering and crafting systems in such a way where I spend my time gathering and crafting, instead of going on zerg runs for chests, I should be able to do that without punishment (especially given it’s a major part of the game). Instead, I can’t even buy armour and weapons anymore. Anything I spend my hard earned gold to buy is immediately downgraded because of the new expertise system.

So yeah, you’ve basically got all the makings of the next big phone game. When’s the android and ios port come out? More importantly, where are the pay to win mechanics that I have no doubt follow this level of time gating (lesbeonest, it’s the only reason time gates are ever put in these free to play phone titles)



interrupting this complaint thread to drop some advice:

You can buy orbs from the faction vendor. :v: And orbs are much easier to craft now.

There is still ZERO reason for the orb system other than to get them free for inviting friends to the mobile version :stuck_out_tongue:

The director came from QA (ironic) and consoles, so the mobile version isn’t too far off. Maybe it will even let you remove cooldowns and get free orbs if you invite friends on social media :smiley:

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