Time in queues being adding to my time played?

Why is queue time being added to my play time ?? Ca’mon.

From when you click “Play” on steam to when you exit the game, all that time is counted for playtime. Whenever the game is open, no matter what you are doing, it will count.

Ya i see that, kinda dumb though i think, oh well

It’s like any game on Steam, even a single player game. If you fire up the game, then go and eat a pizza for half an hour, you’ve logged half an hour’s playtime. It’s simply how it’s measured.

ya i understand that, I’v never ever had to wait this long ever to get in, so over 2 hours played without playing is just not right lol

In the near future when queue’s are gone, taking issue with stuff like this will seem quaint.

ya i get it, but not allot to do while waiting for 1600 spots lol, Maybe i think too much while waiting haha

Thanks guys

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