Time to buff MORTAR CHANGE

I believe the skill itself is a good concept and worth more attention, especially when ASB is nerfed and devs want players to be glass canon.

Currently, this is a pure dmg skill and has no cc or anything attached but it’s ability to do dmg or to land shots made it useless. And it can only be used once before the fight starts due to the long animation and duration to fire all shots.

If you think about it, mortar change is just a trash version of musket ability shooter’s stance.

So give us the real canon please. Any buff would be appreciated.

AGS need to add windup or delay window for bb auto+skill cancel, so that BB can no long do 3atuo and 3 ability in less than 1 second,
something like :auto+split grande+auto+claw+auto+sharpener in 1 second is not suppose to be in this game.

but after nerfing the animation cancel of claw shot, it would be pretty much useless. so you need to buff it more to be a viable utility tool, such as give empower on hit (remove the distance requirement), give ammo even if animation cancled, pull player up to 15m away even if it hit ground or object, and stun the target instead of root for 1s.

move the extended chamber perk to the left tree and make it give 1 additional ammo after every ability use.

And instead of just nerf the aztho sharpen skill dmg, you should make it to spread less so it can be used as a close to mid range attack instead of face-to-face burst as of now.
RIght now, u can do 5k dmg to light armor on his face, but prob only 500 dmg to him at 5m since the spread is way way too much.
It would be better if you nerf the dmg abit but narrow the spread alot so it can do 4k dmg on face and 3k dmg at 15m as well and make it hit all target on th path like bow penetrating shot.

After doing that, you also need to make blast shot and mortar animation faster.
Blast shot was nerfed last year as an attemp to fix the one shot combo of sns/bb, please reverse the animation cancel delay, otherwise this skill is totally useless as it is slow and super clunky now.
also mortar skill start up loading animation is too long to be really viable in real pvp situation, and most important is to allow player to keep using mortar after a dodge.
right now a dodge or even a slip on stair, or drop off from high ground will force you to cancel the mortar ability and put it in CD even if u still have mortar rounds left.
mortar ability can be cancled by aimdown, or using abilitys, or swap weapon, that should be more than enough.

actually a better Mortar would be rework the right side skill tree ultimate to make mortar to be standard aimdown sight attack (similar to turn hatchet Right mouse block into throwing hatchet)

After making these changes, BB leftside skill tree will be a get-in and out close range combat shot gun play style, while the rightside skill tree will be a mid range-back line AOE bombarding play style.