Time to file a complaint with BBB I guess

Im starting to give up hope… for new world. I deleted a char on a server that I was leveling, because there was hope that server transfers were fixed. when the took servers down on the 29th. All of my company members were able to leave server but me. I took time to make a video, gave detailed info on bug report. but AGS hasnt even looked at video as far as im aware (according to video hit count).

Im about to drop… a BBB report… only thing i could think of to maybe get them to reply since we dont have an 1800 number or live chat feature…

First, Type into Google; New World Contact, it’s the first link for me usually.

Second, it won’t do you no good. They are going to just tell you to post it in the forum section for Bugs.

EDIT: P.S. - The last chat support I spoke with basically gave away that AGS live chat is practically useless. They can’t do anything for you. They just tell you they are going to do the same thing they would if you had posted it in the forums, and that is to pass on your issue.

So not entirely useless, but the exact same thing as the forums. Them personally chatting with you is just so you don’t feel lonely. I’ve chatted with them several times, trust me… nothing else they can do for you that is special, except talk to you. I wouldn’t count that as special though, some would.

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