Time to improve game and fix gamer's major issues

It’s from alpha that i’m playing this game, and i love it.
But after months, I think that devs must works even on our major issues, i know what there is behind a game like this, and that they are oppressed by bugs, fixes, and other things, but there are a few majors issues that ruine the gameplay.

Here a small list:

  • Quest/events on reek water, if someone fail em, mobs don’t disappears. This involve all others players trying to make the quest/event to start it and fail. Result? There are a ton of mob in the same point, and we must wait the reboot to complete em. 2 days ago in a quest there was like 80 ghosts to kill and proceed in the event. INSANE.

  • Compass still non working. Sometime it works, but for most time it doesn’t. Time to fix it or give us the minimap, or allow external minimap.

  • Title, skill spamming, every time i log on on go inside an expedition, i must wait 2 min of spamming notice. Supposed to be fixed in a past patch. NOT FIXED.

  • Boars respawn in Restless Shore, supposed to be fixed 2 days ago, NOT FIXED.

  • Abbandoning event notice, supposed to be fixed a week ago, NOT FIXED.

  • Balancement of faction was a promise since first time i logged on. ATM there is no balancement. Another thing that need to be fixed ASAP, or wars and all PVP side of the game is ruined for a big part of players.

  • Outpost Rush. REOPEN IT. WE NEED IT. WE LOVE IT. WITHOUT IT this game lacks of endgame more that it already lacks.

What i love to see:

  • Companies upgrades, we have no bank, no log of transactions, cannot change or add ranks … companies management need a big revamp ASAP, or ATM are only a group of ppl wandering around the map under same flag.

  • World events, for exaple “fish day competition”, or “coocking day competition”, something that involves gamers to make something and pass the time, instead of running to 60, farm portals, and quit game at lvl 60 cause they are bored.

In conclusion, i think that all players will love ATM more fixes and server restart TO REAL FIX the game, not only a big update once a week that fix only something wrote in the patch notes.

Please, we love this game. Don’t let us hate it.

(i know i forgot many bugs, but i’m at work and can’t write em all, feel free to add em)


They could add “reload UI”, for us to fix some stuff like the compass and abandoning event bug without relogging.
(Don’t beat me for this wow haters)

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This is not a bad idea, it’s not only WoW that has this, ESO also allows for UI reload. At least we wouldn’t need to log out and back in to fix the bugs.

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Oh… And the social bug for company leader invited in another one.

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