Time to nerf Rapier and Void gauntlet

You just cannot catch a rapier user with constant riposte and fleche combined with the dodges. The cooldowns on this weapon make no sense , you should not be able to kite 5 people at once no matter whatever the circumstance. This weapon is get out of jail free card, it does not require one ounce of skill and allows bad players to thrive with bad positioning.

Void gauntlet allows healers to out damage melee players in melee combat, imagine creating an intelligence focus weapon destroys melee players in melee combat. The void gauntlet was supposed to be a support weapon that provides healers with utility focused weapon. The current iteration of void gauntlet is cancer, it has the best cc and best melee damage in game. The healers are now killing melee players head on, is this good game design?

Lmao butthurt VG and rapier players reported this as spam and the automated system works just like the one in game that bans people with mass reports, no shock here.

Just editing this after the ptr the vg is buffed now and refreshing frailty now reduces 12 second cd into a 2 second cd. It is working with oblivion dots to reduce cooldowns to be almost instantaneous.

Final update, rapier and vg cooldown have been increased. Lets wait and watch to see if these nerfs are enough.


And the worst combination is the rapier and the glove of the void. An incredible amount of damage and control.

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Reminds me of early DAoC days where the devs thought it was a good idea to give hunters 1-shot killpower + range + total invisibility… How they could not figure out that might be a tad OP is to this day still a mystery…


oh no me spam left click but rapier man no die nurf pls. >:(


Rapier was already nerfed. Void Gauntlet is in a perfect spot right now, perhaps Oblivion could be slightly nerfed.

The weapon is just slightly worse than Bow and War Hammer which are top tier as of now.


agree on both, but i dont think that rapier works in bad players hands. Yes the cd is insane, but you also have to be skilled to use it properly, and yes, a good rapier user can kite 5 people for minutes easy.

I use rapier… but im just bad with it :stuck_out_tongue:


wow, u definitely like to exaggerate. First of all u can kite 5 players with many weapons, in fact all u need is light armor and almost any weapon with 1 dash will do because of desync and rubberbanding, it’s not the issue with weapons.

Secondly, saying that voidgauntlet has best cc is absurd, without scream, it has nothing and can be kited to death. other weapons even have all 3 abilities with cc in them and saying that one ability from void gauntlet is superior is a joke, just shows lack of skill to chain cc properly with other weapons.

The only non exaggerated thing that u said which is true, is that voidgauntlet has too much dmg, especially on full focus builds with amber gem.

Have a nice day.


With an rapiere/mosket you can RUN and dodge all the map. Damage taken by LIGHT and HEAVY was not balance.

And the range of the spear ? Need nerf to, or need to re-up the Great Axe range. This game was broken by the Dash/Dodge, Wen you stun with the HAMMER all in the zone need to be Stun.

Spam Dodge game !!!

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Why Rapier ? What is OP in Rapier ? I agree about VG it needs longer cooldowns and thats all but why rapier ? Xd


The reason people are able to kite so well is because the servers have terrible desync. They need to fix desync before they even consider nerfing more weapons/abilities.


You can’t catch a rapier user?? Maybe try to use something different that Hammer and 2hand axe like 99% of players.

Riposte? You have to attack the player to active his riposte. Maybe stop spam left click? Also riposte is bug and doesn’t work 50% of time.

And you do know what? Even if you hit a player with the riposte skill activated in this short second. You can still dodge and not be CC…

If rapier is so op, why 99% still uses hammer and axe?


I also saw the other topic about someone kiting and making the OP mad. But I need to ask here.
What is the problem with players fleeing from melee combat?
What are squishy ranged supposed to do when the heavy melees close distance on them?
“Stop and take it, like a man”, or something like that?

Since I joined these forums, I have read people blaming squishies and ranged for getting killed by WH/GA, and telling them that it’s their fault if they don’t keep their distance with melees.
Now, they are being blamed for keeping their distances with melee.

Since when is “Hit and Run” archtype fighters have become the new pariah to nerf to oblivion?
Is a guy in medium armor, with VG and Rapier, supposed to stand still and let heavy melees catch him?
I don’t think so. They should run in, use all their cooldowns and deal damage, then withdraw before they get hurt.

It’s a perfectly reasonable thing. Isn’t it?


Well dumb dumb you are supposed to die if you let melee get close to you if you are ranged squishy. You should never escape multiple players chasing you by just using light dodge combined with rapier fleche and riposte.If you get in a melee range while being squishy range then you should die 99% of the time whereas now you don’t even die with bad positioning, you are not supposed to let melee close the gap and if you do then you should die no two ways about it.


Add slowing or frostbound type strikes on melee hits or some form of IDK stagger back to melee basics.

Give melees a second resource pool that is used to manage their basic attacks similar to mana for mages, so they don’t burn stamina for offensive actions.

Give melees back their homing lunge

Revert all the janky movement changes from Mar-May 2020 including the reintroduction of stamina based sprinting.

Balance from there.

#1 reason rapier and light roll is becoming more and more popular is because of its mobility. Shocking that players took this long to pick it up. It’s done primarily because mobility and spacing are core aspects of combat and absent tools and mechanics to control those things player will tune their builds that provide that utility at its maximum.


Not too sure about nerfing rapier. Considering that the only purpose of the weapon is counterplay and movement, taking that away would instantly make the weapon dogshit.

Void Gauntlet on the other hand is way too strong currently. Especially Petrifying Scream is absolutely insane - a 2-3s root that reduces healing, is an instant cast and has an incredibly low cooldown is just crazy. Since more people realized how insane it actually is, atleast 60% if not more on my server run Void Gauntlet and it made the game a lot less fun overall.


It’s basically all I see when encountering players these days :smiley:

It’s OK though, the “gosh it’s purfect, just gitgud” crowd know what’s best and clearly a lot of players abandoning GA and now using VG is just a coincidence.

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The real question is If a plate wearing GA/Hammer stun bot dies in the woods does anyone stop to tea bag.


“Void gauntlet allows healers to out damage melee players in melee combat, imagine creating an intelligence focus weapon destroys melee players in melee combat. The void gauntlet was supposed to be a support weapon that provides healers with utility focused weapon.”

You realise that if healers are investing in intelligence to get damage out of the void gauntlet, they’re nerfing themselves in terms of healing output? The focus scaling with VG damage is pretty dog water even with amber gem in it.

I agree that rapier is probably slightly overtuned, if you’re a backline healer and you’re not using rapier for defensive evasion etc, you’re doing it wrong.

Balancing in this game is tricky because they simultaneously have to balance things for 50vs50 wars and 20v20 OPR, open world PVP, etc.

But you sound like a Gaxe/Hammer user who can’t now LMB people to death brainlessly.


This… This right here. AGS, please look at this!

Do NOT tweak weapons until you get the basic things like desync and tracking fixed first.


Rapier’s design is an atrocity.

1.) They literally copy pasted Fiora’s Riposte from League of Legends instead of making one well suited for New World’s combat. (You’ll see this is a recurring theme by the dev team over the last 12months.)

2.) Why in the world would you give a rapier a spinning dash attack? That doesn’t even remotely make sense for the weapon. All these rapier users are flying around like M.Bison.

Also: Combat is still trash overall and they need to bring back hit-stun to melee attacks and let the bad kids learn that their fears of “stunlock” are made up in their head.

That is all.