Time to nerf Rapier and Void gauntlet

Did riposte get changed? I’ve noticed before I could just not use an ability but still light/heavy attacks when they activate it and it wouldn’t stun me, now I just have to ignore it completely or I get stunned with 1 light attack (no abilities) when they use it and they nearly always escape because of this… imo riposte shouldn’t stun you if you’re using normal attacks, as they can effectively time your attacks and counter anything to escape now… And VG, yeah let’s not even say much except it’s completely busted right now haha… it out dps melee dps with root - oblivion - blade and lunges further than a GA all whilst healing themselves, buffing themselves and debuffing you lmao…

Rapier fleche is semi exucution reset ability. Shoulda been a dash instead of spin w grit that can only trigger when aiming at targets below 50% HP/

Axe is incredibly bad , people just dont understand that Hammer/Axe is the most versatile build thats why people are playing it. If you are saying that Rapier is not OP right now shows that you are clueless about pvp :slight_smile:


You need to run from the melee heavy attacks and it’s obvious that you dont have to stay there but the fact that rapier has almost 0 CD on skills it’s totally dumb

  1. Bring back staggers (hit-stun).
  2. Remove dodge animation cancel. (Change weapons or press X mid dodge animation)

Probably those two fix all the issues related to over mobility.


I wish all these nerf threads actually had some intelligent, unbiased, objective thought behind them…

A broken clock is right twice a day…

When you say something needs a nerf and might be right about it, you destroy your argument with these kinds of posts that instead show lack of understanding of the weapon and game as a whole.

Even if you are right about certain aspects(I personally think the cooldown reduction riposte recieved was a mistake, I’ve played a lot of rapier) the way you word/present your “argument” comes across more like nerf my counter/buff my weapon.


Before to say “the VG blade deal to much damages”
Check how many onyx or diamond you have in your armor.

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Who said the void gauntlet was supposed to be a support weapon? If that was the case it would scale primarily with focus but it doesnt it scales with int. Its a dps weapon with a support tree


As far as I know, rapier cooldowns are not almost 0. They are reduced with crits, so if the rapier player outplays the opponent and does continuous backstabs, they get their cooldowns removed.
At that point, one has to wonder whose fault it is that the rapier guy gets to crit all the time.

Probably you don’t want to hear this, but sometimes your “class” is paper to someone else’s scissors, especially if they play their scissors right.


A smart Rapier user would use armor/perks/weapons that reduces your Max CDs, Riposte already being at 12 secs, and Fleche at 16.5…is a pretty nasty combo…and we know in PvP…“Below Average Tier PvP’ers” (majority) always outnumber “Above Average to High Tier” (minority) ones in most (not all) MMOs… so you will always have a lot more “complaints” about balancing because you do have to be decently (not extremely) skilled to keep up with the pace of a pretty decently geared, somewhat skilled Rapier user…so imo, DEVs should at least take a look at “one of the key issues” with balancing…which is, we tend to have more “Below Average Tier” PvP’ers in New World or in MMOs in General and revolve their solutions to the “Majority” but still have something that keeps the “minority” (Higher Tier PvP’ers) interested. I personally do not know how they can come up with a solution to that but I think it is worth noting this issue.

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All anyone does with rapier is kite

Fleche Definitely needs a rework.

It shouldn’t be nearly instant cast with no pause after using it. It allows people to Infinitely kite.

It either needs a slight pause after using it, like dam near every other weapons abilities, or every other weapon needs that pause removed.

On my server now, dam near every mage/healer/ranged/light dps has a rapier offhand just to Fleche away from any sort of attacker.

People used to cry how broken healing was because it took multiple people to kill a healer. Now it takes multiple people to kill anyone with a rapier. I’ve got plenty of videos of 4+ people chasing 1 ranged around a flag for multiple minutes trying to catch them to clear the point.
It’s ridiculous.

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nerf scream wind up and raise rapier cd’s. prolly all they need. both are mega busted atm tho


The thing I find funny about people complaining about roots and cc is that without them you have high mobility builds that you can never be touch always flanking the backlines or healers that perma run around a point like we currently have.

Without IG/VG/Hammer/Spear no one could run anyone down or finish anyway off, you could always disengage. Ive been chained by good hammer/ga users without much chance to react as they wait out dodges before casting spells. As for VG the only annoy part of scream is that it starts the chain of cc but at that point you didnt dodge or you were in the blob.

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I expect a dev response on this thread as large number of people are presenting their arguments in constructive manner but would not hold my breath for it as time and time again devs prove to ignore the overwhelming majority of good opinions while listening to the vocal minority that wants their build to wreck havoc without any consequences.

Pre nerf great axe had trouble catching ranged as is but after the nerfs we are seeing range run with impunity, dominating every form of pvp excluding wars as of now but if melee does not receive some buffs we will be seeing full 50 man rosters of life staff/void gauntlet users sprinkled with some bow users in between.

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due to the recent nerf of the GA it has very good escape potential making it a pocket get away car for a ranged vs melee.

still a mage or healer should not able to dominate in melee combat the gems where good enough in my opinion. they let people use there main stat for an off hand melee so they did not just get run down while not doing on par damage with the melee.

pre nerf you had to double roll as light to avoid homing axe attacks being further than a single roll, on top of burning 2 dodges you then had to deal with grav-well + charge, hammer shockwave it had to dodge a lot of cc before you could run away. I know I played lots of light builds dex/int for the first few months and eventually took a break with OPR brutes and heavy gaxe/hammer being 90% of the population mindlessly left clicking and warping huge distances, I only came back to this game after the nerf.

I use a rapier, terrible at it…
But I love its elegance.
I hope they don’t nerf it as I find it hard to play as it is.

I have a disability and all weapons are hard for me. So I just choose weapons that I like the look and feel of.
I am waiting ‘impatiently’ for the Blunderbuss…


Range dying to melee is almost always range fault, a good ranged player won’t even allow melee to be close to them let alone kill them. The melee weapons miss half of their abilities and auto attacks due to desync. Rapier being used as a crutch to mindlessly position yourself and get out scot free is definitely a problem.
The void gauntlet out damaging melee in melee combat is bad game design .