Time To Remove Mutation Weekly Limit

I’ll keep this simple. I’ve played since launch. Started over with a new company on fresh start because I thought it would be fun and it is fun. I have not gone back to my legacy character.

I main tank and as everyone knows it is the least played role in the game. I love running M10s.

While playing on fresh with a mixture of experienced and fresh players I get asked to run mutations with my company members and 3 weeks in a row I run out of mutations 3-4 days before the reset. Half of my runs are lower to mid level mutations because people want my help, there are very few tanks, even less “good” tanks.

The 25 weekly limit is not hurting me but hurting other players that cannot find low to mid tanks to run with. Essentially this rule is forcing a large chunk of the player base to miss out on end game content.

When a player caps at 25. Cool. Remove shards from the rewards. Only drop loot. Doesn’t matter to me. I don’t need the shards. Just allow players like myself to help other players run your games content.


Thanks so much for this input @andrewj I will pass along your feedback to the team!

Make it the other way around and I’m onboard!
But also in a way that makes shard selling impossible, as it would get abused to oblivion by those people.

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Gotta be honest.

Zero cares about the loot, I want the shards. 25 limit is BS because of that.

I can vouch for this. 25 is short for m10 runners. i play tank aswell and healer. i go about 1-2 days on that 25 runs

dungeons whitout mutation are not fun , im PvE player and after my 25 mutation dungeons i got bored from game .

One possible solution give shards for 25 runs and others only drop items .

I like this no shards after limit idea

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Imagine running the same dungeon more than 25 times a week jesus christ

lol. i cant even stand two times a day doing dungeon

remove limit, but dont allow kick anyone at the last boss

Or only make the 25 limit for M10 because that is what shard sellers use. Then us top tier expedition runners can help the rest of the community get to the hardest and best content.

“Wts M1-10 boost 100k /pm” :roll_eyes:

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I don’t think the PvE audience needs more mutateds.

I’d cut them to 10-15 a week.

Don’t act all gallant and come with “so I can help other peoples”. You choose not to help them with the current limit.
With no limits people will die once and drop because mutateds only created the worst kind of toxic elitism and 5con idiots with hatchet.

100% honest. I’ve never bought or sold shards. I think it’s BS it is allowed. I don’t want the cap removed to make gold. I don’t need the gold. I level my own codex and make all my own lobby’s. I feel yea on some elitist running M10s. I don’t play with them, so don’t know what you tell you there. Lol.

I do help them and do choose to run with them. Which is the reason why I run out of them in 3-4 days.

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