Timeline to reach 625 gs with PvP only

I want to come back to the game with the new pvp gear and track system.

How long do you think it would take to reach 625 gs doing only pvp because I hate PvE?

You will be forced to farm gypsum anyway, taking 625 only doing pvp will take you ages

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It will not take you forever but it will be much slower than PvE.

OPR umbral gain is 100 per win / 50 per loss. To make about a 1000 Umbral per day you need about 10 wins. Combine that with crafting casts, buying from the PvP track the 200 umbral when it pops up, you can manage.

So via OPR you can roughly make 6000 Umbral per 6 days if you win 10 rounds per day.
If you can stand the harsher grind, you’ll be fine towards 625 without PvE

Can’t really give you a timeline because it depends on how active your server is, how often you win, and whether you play casually, normally, hardcore, or lifeless.

The dif between 600 and 625 is hardly noticeable and you’ll be able to just ramp up stuff to inbetween really fast.

Wouldn’t worry about it to much, I don’t think most my gear is at cap and it doesn’t seem to effect me at all

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623 is all you need tbh.

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But on top lvl it is important. Its like 4% on dmg and 1% on armor but if you add to this difference BIS vs 2 good purple perks it does stack up. It can be mitigated with skill but only if your oponent is less skilled than you.

It took me about 2 weeks to go from sub600 GS to 621-623 GS without doing any mutated or regular dungeons. Going 621 to 625 is expensive, though.

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i do couple of outpost every day or 1 or 2 at least.
at this rate my amulet is 560.
was 525 months ago.
weapon is 580.
armour is all 620.
i did some dungeons as well.
maybe until end of the year for me…

Well this is all sad news.

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