Timeout while wait to describe world now Failed to Join Login Queue

I was on my character on Dominora starting Armine Excavation and was disconnected with the error Timeout while waiting for server to describe world or something similar.

Now with my character I can’t even enter the queue to login, I just directly get the error “Failed to join login queue.” I don’t even get put in the queue first like some people are encountering. I’m able to login with another character on a different server, Barataria.

Same issue just tonight with my character on Brazir. Did you have any success fixing???

I ws playing my Character on Omeyocan and i randomly “lagged out”. It is not an internet connection issue as I have no issues at all playing other games. I cannot play the character as it gives a connection Issue saying “Timed out while trying to describe the world”. Whatever that means…

My character named is Bursade. Help?

Was this fixed for either of you??

Nope. Still waiting…

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