Timers, timers and ... timers => Please, simplify!

Timers for chests of each elite zone : at least x6 elite HL zones
Timers to be able to collect gypsum : x8 gypsums
Timers for crafting orbs : x8 also
Timers for upgrade casts : x21
Timers for crafts : at least x16, Topaz potion, asmodeum & cie, tolvium & cie, …

It’s no more a “fun” game, it’s become a timer management game where activities are planned regarding the timers up or not !

Consequences are that players in a guild dont play together because some of them are pending on some timers and others not.

Please simplify this ! Set a fixed reset hour (for example 4AM or 5PM local server time) for all timers, at least for “collect” timers : gypses and elite chests.
I think 5PM is a good hour, because the evening all players can play together on the same content. And players with more game time that the evening can complete their “objectives” during the following day.

Add also a view for timers. For example timers to collect gypsum. At the moment, you can drink a Topaz potion and not be able to collect topaz gypsum because the timer is always pending !


Hard disagree. I like the personal reset timers because it gives me flexibility to game at my leisure.


Pun intended… It’s really not fun having to have a spread sheet letting you know when you can do what in the game. The timers are out of control.


Nah fam, I love having a cross-referenced excel sheet that resembles a financial model to track my in-game performance.

Better Idea, just remove them all together… These Time Gates are pointless why hinder a player progression due to waiting for timers. The only time these should be in are for specific Raids or Dungeons that reset weekly (Raids) and Dungeons(Daily).

If i want to burn through the content and get BIS as quickly as possible I should be able to.


For me the way is a fixed time reset everyday. It’s horrible not knowing the time that will be used to the maximum to make certain contents of the games (or make DG’s open knowing that your chests are already released).
With my suggestion, passing a specific time, you could do all the activities in the game with the certainty that you would earn your gypsum or could open the chests of the open DGs.


They hinder player progression by design. Many players have been lvl 60 since day 3 after release and so we have seen many frustrating strategies to both slow progression and keep players coming back daily in lieu of content which always takes much longer to develop than players can blast through it.

Funny thing time

Need a Goyle meme here please

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Thank you, good sir

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This needs to be addressed. I have nearly 400 hours in NW but there are times where I refuse to do content because of CDs. that is a serious problem. you should never lock your player base out of wanting to do your content. I should not have to teleport to a kiln to find out when i can play OPR again, or go visit trees. this is getting way out of hand. reminds me of a mobile game designed for Pay to win with no Pay to win option integrated yet.


Mythic+ versions (ala wow) of the expeditions shouldn’t be a huge strain on development resources and would add badly needed reply value quite easily.

If only this could have been done before launch, AGS might have been able to retain more of its player base.

We’ll be getting ‘World of New’ golden bullet equivalents in the not too distant future i suspect.

Opposite. This does not give the freedom to game at your leisure.

Say I do a run Saturday night and only have Sunday afternoon free to play. I can’t do any runs now because everything is on cooldown for several more hours. It punishes me for not being able to play in the exact same window every day.

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Can you imagine the mats needed to make the orb for a mythic? No - the tuning orb system needs an overhaul before they do anything like that.

i agree .
you find this design in mobile games…

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My issue is that they put separate timers on gettting gypsum, making the orbs and then making the casts. WHAT THE ACTUAL CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH!

WHY?! who thought that was a good idea? i now have more gypsum than i can actually use because if i earn gypsum but dont get a chance to turn it in and use it u get locked out of using any extra you have earned for the things you want to level. i’m sitting on a bunch of ruby and diamond now. if i manage to farm those everyday i will always have extra gypsum i will…never…ever…use.

Seriously this was so easy to see coming as a problem.


Yeah you’re totally correct about the tuning orb system. its laughable.

AGS will be using daily player logins to justify how successful they are at retaining as much as 10% of the initial player base i guess.