Tir Na Nog in maintenance?

Tir Na Nog seems to be in maintenance. There was no message about it. Anyone knows what’s going on?


Nope, was playing then just kicked for Maint?

Tir Na Nog is down, “World is Under Maintenance” error is shown when clicking “Play”

me the same kick out and Maintenance

This seems to be something weird :no_mouth:

Hey @MagnusDux.

Yes, the server Tir Na Nog is under maintenance.

You may check the status here: Server Status | New World

I hope this helps.

It shows that it’s in maintenance in the server list as well.

Why was there no message, people where in the middle of activities and they just got kicked out?

Thanks for the response, is there ETA for it coming back up?

We have wars in a short while.

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Can we be notified of WHY it’s down atm?

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I’ve got a message just before that the server crashed. And then prompt that it’s under maintenance :confused:

can we get a more concrete reason as to why?


We know where to find the server status, we want to know why and why not?

And why there was no announcement?

People were in instances or the like?

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Checking server status is of no help at all - we know the server is under maint, what we want to know is why and for how long?

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!!! :grinning:

Thanks MrLee, but sadly this doesn’t really help. We kind of figured the server was offline since we disconnected. It being maintenance or anything else doesn’t change that it was unannounced and sadly cost people the cost of expedition orbs that are now ruined. Announcing maintenance would have solved that (“dont start an expedition, we’ll do a maintenance in an hour”).

Can you please clarify what is going on and what will be done about this?


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