Tired of being a health battery

TTK is too low. I feel like a health battery for a proxy war between healers and enemy dps. Very little skill involved in that .28 seconds while healer tries to heal through dps burst.

In order to slow things down to allow for a little player agency and skill I would like to see:

  1. Increase the amount of resistance to damages from the armor value.

  2. Reduce the base health of characters and increase the health from con to something around 20-25k at 300… something like 5k at 5 con

  3. Reduce healing.

Tanks will never be tanky in this game. Game modes are literally stand in a circle. Nothing more and nothing less.

Bring heavy 500 CON players and run on point to auto win. Enemy team counters with heavy 500 CON players.

Slideshow game performance from launch week ensues. Servers, netcode, and/or game client cant handle 50v50 in a small circle.

I do remember that time… it was not fun.