Tittle on Completing Higher Mutation Dungeon & And having the capability to inspect gear to someone who apply from GF in mutation dungeon/regular

Hello Developer/Community proxy.

Referring to the topic, please reward anyone who completed High Mutation(10x or etc) in dungeon with tittles . This will help us to identify who are new and experienced to high level mutation dungeon. Why? As “shard selling” still possible now or i dun care how u sell, someone might just buy the shard and upgrade all gear to 625 and they quite “new” and do not know the mechs . And we do not wish to spend an hour in higher mutation :slight_smile: please respect other people time. This might occur some controversy like gatekeeping or something, but hey reason why codex exist where you climb and learn the mechs from m1-m10 :slight_smile: play the game and stop complaining.

Inspecting gear, yes this is soo important as higher mutation dungeon need very2 good gear (someone might argue no u dun need all ward set in Lazarus m10 stop it :slight_smile: we know you good but stop ) Please allow lobby creator/leader to have this capability to inspect someone who applying from GF . Lets be honest, link all gear all the time just to get in gf is pretty annoying most of the time .

@Aenwyn @Kay

TLDR Pls allow us to gatekeep more efficiently :wink: