To AGS: Invasion Cache Item Perk Pool—Why No Refreshing?

As the title suggests, why is refreshing not part of the updated perk bucket for the new invasion cache rewards? Refreshing evasion and refreshing ward are both included, but plain ol’ refreshing is not.

I expect a decent amount of people planning to use the ward gear obtained from invasions in mutations, and refreshing is overall a better perk (at least imo) since some have the “no-dodge” modifier.

The reward buff (umbral shard addition, 3 items, guaranteed ward) are a step in the right direction for changing invasion rewards, but not including one of the main perks in the game from the perk bucket makes no sense.

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Most likely for variety.

Refreshing gear is easy to get by other means.

Same could be said for ward/RE and ward/RW gear tho

I can send this on @JJ_G4M3R thank you for the feedback. Also we have a new discord. Feel free to join. Here is the link