To CM @NW_Mugsy

Hey folks, Polls aren’t a stand alone source of truth, but we do poll our players, often through in-game surveys but not through the forums because generally a small percentage of our total players visit the forums and they tend to have some shared qualities that skew the data. So if you see a survey pop up please be sure to complete it!
The forums are great for collecting feedback and listening to or participating in discussions on topics to better understand them then pair that with other inputs but no one approach is really a source of truth.


I’m sorry but when exactly have you ever polled your players since the game launched? i’ve been playing ever single day since launch. never have seen a poll once.


I mean, that doesn’t stop people from getting banned for posts explaining certain activities are exploits…

I know of a few people that got 24 hour ban for kotemos, but the only place that was listed as exploitative behaivor was the forums.

We do surveys often, but they don’t go to all players, so keep your eyes open should you receive one. I am not part of the research team, so I can’t speak in depth about each campaign and who they are targeting but I see and discuss the resulting reports with them, so I can confirm it is happening.


WHAT?!?!?!? how does this make any sense dude??? you just poll the top 1% of no life players only??


Nope, you are interpreting what I am saying in bad faith to be sensational.

What I am saying is they often use target sample group criteria for surveying. Again, I am not part of the research team or an expert in data sourcing, but I did not say anything about who receives surveys. You created that to tell a story that bolsters your existing position on the topic.


I saw a survey link on the launch screen on new world once… only after I clicked ‘continue’. Never seen it since

I’m not interpeting what you said in bad faith. I’m questioning the validity of these polls. I’m asking players in global chat now if they’ve ever once seen a poll and they are saying no… so… what sup wtih that? sample size of 20?

Talking with players in global is as useful as with 3 year old kids. Most of them are trolls.

whats literally the point of doing a poll if you aren’t going to poll everyone… in the TOP mmorpg of all time… Runescape… they POLL ALL OF THEIR PAYING PLAYERS… soo maybe leave some feedback…

Have you even seen starting screen? I believe not

I will share your feedback with the research team. You would like all players to receive all surveys in order to trust the data being gathered.


Uh… they have data about all bow players and all players who complete certain quest and other things. Some surveys will be targeted to certain types of players and that’s just normal you freaking out about it is weird.

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If you think this is a bad idea then explain to me why runescape is so successful after all this time??
Because they POLL ALL OF THEIR PAYING PLAYERS… its not rocket science and you have a comp example of another mmorpg whom does this successfully.

Dont worry king. I’ve got a survey :slight_smile:


I don’t have an opinion on your suggestion. I will share your feedback with the team.
There isn’t anything for us to argue about. I hope your evening is great.


It could be a lot better when amazon fixes the game and stop taking 1 step forward and 5 backwards. LISTEN to the feedback of the community for once since the game has launched…

You’re wasting your time here Mugsy. I don’t think they understand. As a test director in the real world, I think your brief explanation of what the research team is doing makes perfect sense.

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We will do our best to address our open issues, work with our players to make improvements, and keep at it. Appreciate the feedback.


I hope you understand that this frustration come because we, the cry babies, actually care… we want this game to do good… but we get this overwhelming feeling that you guys literally dont listen to us at all ever since this game has launched.