To CM @NW_Mugsy

Have you even seen starting screen? I believe not

I will share your feedback with the research team. You would like all players to receive all surveys in order to trust the data being gathered.


Uh… they have data about all bow players and all players who complete certain quest and other things. Some surveys will be targeted to certain types of players and that’s just normal you freaking out about it is weird.

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If you think this is a bad idea then explain to me why runescape is so successful after all this time??
Because they POLL ALL OF THEIR PAYING PLAYERS… its not rocket science and you have a comp example of another mmorpg whom does this successfully.

Dont worry king. I’ve got a survey :slight_smile:


I don’t have an opinion on your suggestion. I will share your feedback with the team.
There isn’t anything for us to argue about. I hope your evening is great.


It could be a lot better when amazon fixes the game and stop taking 1 step forward and 5 backwards. LISTEN to the feedback of the community for once since the game has launched…

You’re wasting your time here Mugsy. I don’t think they understand. As a test director in the real world, I think your brief explanation of what the research team is doing makes perfect sense.

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We will do our best to address our open issues, work with our players to make improvements, and keep at it. Appreciate the feedback.


I hope you understand that this frustration come because we, the cry babies, actually care… we want this game to do good… but we get this overwhelming feeling that you guys literally dont listen to us at all ever since this game has launched.

There was a survey on the launcher a day or two ago. I filled it out, I encouraged my friends in my company to fill it out as well. I will say most of my check boxes were neutral to negative, but not all of them. For whatever good it does.


Blanket statement with zero personality or emotion

Sounds like something PR whipped up

You need to direct the senior leadership of this game IF they care, they need to read these threads to get an idea what your customer wants, fears, has concernd about and feels is game breaking bugs before it is too late

My advice would be fix all the bugs and issues before adding and implementing new content.

If you have a car giving you transmission and engine problems you don’t toss in new turbos, a front mount intercooler and a new AEM2 computer, you first fix the tranny and engine issues THEN mod your ride so it hits 550hp+ on the dyno

What’s in the poll?

SO the surveys aren’t in game. but on the launch screen that majority of players will not notice, glance over, and simply click the “play button” ? i hope this isn’t the case for all surveys… i mean… mugsy said they "poll players in game’ and you’re saying you saw on out of game… hmm…

God, how does some people live day by day…? Taxes/homeworks should’ve killed them already…

It was on the launch screen before you get to the character selection screen. The one with the different news tiles and such.


OP Solutioned himself, how commical

Thats news to me… I’ve never seen a survey there, but maybe it wasn’t outlined or highlighted enough for me to notice.

A lot of the time people are on ‘auto-pilot’ clicking the Play button and won’t glance there… years of built-in ad blockers

Edit: I miss the surveys after you exit the game, that popped up. No way you could miss that one.

When will we recieve another round of transfer tokens?

It wasn’t very obvious. It was on the bottom row last tile. I just happened to notice it for some reason. I usually just skip past that page as well.

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There is handfuls I am seeing leaving lower pop servers already. Not transferring, quitting. Personally this is not a decent game at all, has potential but needs a complete revamp. I’ve been around these games for a very long time and NW is nothing special to be honest. Id rather go back to a 1999 game and play PVE then NW PVE, PVP content…