To equip or not to equip

Ive been abit lucky with my jewelcrafting. When I think of it it costs 13 asmodeum+gem and the perk (5000g on my server) and then its a 1 in 25 chance to get a legendary item, and then it has to roll good. Realizing both mine has rolled good and all on my server is pretty broke should I just be a chad gamer and equip them myself?

Hoooly fuck those are some sweet rolls, especially the first one, wholly justified flex.

Ring is close to BIS, especially if you’re using sword/shiled as your secondary wep to make that +sta useful. Amulet is kinda wasted unless you’re going something like hatchet/spear, if you’re the meta great axe user I’d equip the ring and post the amulet for 100k

Cool thanks for imput man
The optimist XD

That ring with crit on it is worth what you listed it for 100%

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Great stuff, but wouldn’t go for more than 30k on my server I’d guess. High pop high competition.

Bought a legendary 600 GS heavy armor chest with decent rolls and 25 Str for 3k yesterday.

rings/amulets WAY more rare.

I shit legendary armor pieces for breakfast they cost maybe 1k and is 1 in 10

Yes I know. That’s why I said 30k.

30k is two void ore…these are worth far more than that…but who knows, every server is different.

@Drage: it’s quite immature to become hostile after asking for feedback just because you didn’t like that feedback. I said ‘great stuff, it would probably go for 30k on my server.’ Is that a reason to trash talk me?

Sorry meight really thought you ment simple armor pieces as that you can pump out for low gold. And jesus christ that picture. Is that dupe lords?

too bad the second one is str/dex. luck, health and refreshing perks is huge though

No idea. I am not into jewelry crafting so I got no idea how difficult it is to craft a legendary.

Our Asmodeum goes for 450-500g per piece, if that is any indication. But our server is very very busy, so crafters have access to all the buffs and trophies.

If the asmodeum goes for 450-500 it means they are sellng their legendary jewelery at around 5-15% of what they paid to make it. The standard whitewashing of dupe gold

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