To Everyone complaining about wanting new servers

Hey guys we asked for mergers. Deal with the queues until the game dies back down because it inevitably will. You cant ask them for a change and then regret it because they will be less likely to listen to us in the future for other matters.


they honestly just shouldnt have merged the servers the week before patch coming out and waited for it rofl.




I did not

Not we, I didn’t. Sure, merge the dead servers…

But not to where everything is qued. Feel sorry for SA. They had a 700 person que at one point. I’ve been complaining about a 300-400 que, so had multiple EU servers.

REALLY bad merges


I’d start over on a PvP server…


Returning player here and what is up with these 2+ hour queues. Then I got dropped off the queue then I have to go back to the start.

Kind of hard to enjoy a game when you can’t even play it.


I would start over even on a new PVE server, as long as no mergers allowed for at least 6 months.

Who asked for mergers?!? I sure as hell did not.


OP is either delusional or seriously misguided. Who is the “we” they speak of? I did not ask for these merges. i did not and do not want them. These server merges have always only been a PITA for me. I do not know who wants them. I suspect it is the big PVP companies that want as many people on the server as they can get so that they have as many people paying taxes in their territory as possible. Whoever it is, they are apparently the squeaky wheel because these freaking merges seem to happen all the time and I hate them.


No one asked for merges. The only people asking for merges were the vocal 1% of war loggers who dont play the game and are bored when they do. Why do you think AGS locked the forums immediately upon announcing merges? Answer: They know 99/100 players did NOT want them.

On Ohonoo there was competitive pvp and wars happening every night. There was one mega company who was talking about transferring off which would have opened the door for other companies to play the game when their terris were flipped. Besides them though there was plenty of room for players new to pvp to get war experience AND players who have been warring since release to still be challenged (even if it was mostly by alts on bigger servers).
OPR was popping consistently 24h a day, with 1 going almost always and sometimes a second. People were still competing for resources but if you wanted to farm something you could find a quiet spot to get whatever you were looking for. The server was genuinely in the healthiest spot it had been in since I have been playing New World. That’s what makes this merge even more disappointing.

These merges were the worst decision AGS has made in the games lifetime by far. I could go on but honestly there is no point. The devs do not care about the players at all or they would have given fair warning they were CONSIDERING a merge and subsequently gotten talked down by the 99%.

Next round of merges soon, hopefully you and I can all get off this cracktrain before then. cheers.


South America only has 1 server.
That’s the foolest choice I can think of. And merges were made 1 week before the patch hype. Jesus where the vision


The reason we want fresh servers is not becuase of the merges and cue times. It is becuase we want to play fresh

Having regions with only 1 server is what makes me mad. Selling a product with options for 2 characters but now can only have one isn’t right.


Nope, no “we” didn’t.

Having been through a number of merges and seeing a pattern of attrition, “we” were suggesting cross-server instances.

Did AGS listen? No.

It would be fair enough to have a minimum number of players required for a server to be considered viable and if it sits under that number for a period of time, it gets merged. But to just mash everything together at the last minute before a patch was beyond weird. I wish we knew the impetus behind the decision. Surely it’s not “because people on the forums asked for it” - if it were we’d have transmog and gear/inventory management and hippos.

I’m in a region with only one server now. Honestly, apart from the name not being anywhere near as cool as the name we had, I’m fine with the server merge. I’ll keep playing. What I’m worried about is that other people won’t. It’s an MMO. Doesn’t work without the Ms.


The reason they merged servers was because of the forums.

There were rage posts about how, "AGS MUST merge us! I refuse to spend another dollar on this shit game and it’s their responsibility to cater to me because I’m crying on the forums and am too cheap and fail to invest in a game that costs 15$ for a transfer token! Rawr Fear me!


i am happy when i’m in a mmo with a queue to get in. means the server is maxed out. that’s what i want. people.


Which is fine, but they should leave servers at a healthy 800 to 1.2k alone.

If I wasn’t a PvPer I’d probably be where you are but the current system is only friendly to top tier PvPers at max population.


I think it was good idea to merge servers before patch. World doesnt feel dead.


Reading some of these posts is hilarious. Literally the only threads about merges was for the WEST COAST, which was needed. It’s also funny people trying to call others “cheap” because they didnt want to give a company more money with the state the game is in.


Oh stop. People were on dead servers for months on end. Personally, I think they went overboard with the merges but the state of the servers before the merges were abysmal. Then you got people that were paying to swap to servers just to watch them die over and over because some PVP players want to be toxic. Those people should not have to continually spend 15 bucks just to play a B2P game.

Queues will die down. They already have been dying down and it hasn’t even been a week.