To New World developers: Thank you for the clear communication

I don’t mean to be rude, but how do you expect to understand English is your second language based on your forum handle for an MMORPG?

So, saying that you fixed something which turns out to not be fixed which occurs again in the exact same way it was reported… and it completely ruins the economy and motivation for players who worked hard to earn their money and not feel disadvantaged by cheaters/dupers can only be pointed out by a developer?

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Because I currently live in the US, went to school in the US, and it is a requirement to know enough english for a US education. Obviously I will never reach the level of a native speaker, but it is sufficient to live in the country.

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Prove it is occuring again in “the exact same way”. Enlighten us all how the bug worked back in beta compared to now…bet you don’t actually even know the answer to this and are just regurgitating something you read somebody else claim.

Exactly and not just by A developer, but by A developer with access to the actual code. Coz it might seem to be the same “bug / issue” to me and you, but inside the code it might be a whole different situation or a complete different line in the code that is now causing the bug/issue.

I mean that wasn’t the question. How do you expect people to just automatically know English is your 2nd language if you don’t post it. You expect them to just know? Like I expect AGS to fix bugs we told them about in alpha/beta, for example.

Great post and thank you for some positivity. It’s so easy for people to be negative rather than being positive.


HAHAHAHA you did just regurgitate something you read somebody else say!!!
Here is the dev response in THE EXACT THREAD YOU LINKED.

The dupe issue we fixed for Closed Beta was fixed. That’s why it didn’t exist in Open Beta.

The issues you are seeing now are a different root cause than from previous alphas and betas, and we are indeed looking into them, and actively working on getting them addressed as fast as we can.

you have no actual knowledge of the beta…didn’t play beta…have no clue how this bug currently works or how the one from beta worked but you go around spouting off about how they are the same

hope you washed your foot because now you get to eat it,


we’re going nowhere with this, you’re just too much of a fanboy to look at problems and point them out… stay deluded my friend

you got exposed my guy…i would walk away too if i were you.

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He would understand if he took a coding class lol.

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native english speaker here…and i wouldnt have even known that wasn’t their native language, they communicate just fine.

Why would we believe the issue was fixed, when it could be done in the same way on the release version. What reason do you have to believe that AGS is being honest? They are doing damage control at this point.

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I don’t have to take a coding class to know there are problems in a game I’m playing mate, hf with your mentality

I thought they spoke perfectly well. Just seems odd they got all upset and expected somebody to know they weren’t a native English speaker based solely on their user name. I find that mentality fascinating. As if we are all psychics or something.

lol just stop…you already fell flat on your face when you revealed the post…reminds me of news articles that base their stories off an anonymous tweet and then have to retract them when confronted with actual hard data and science. You’re basically the fox news of the forums at this point.

you fell flat when you mixed up facts with opinions, smh

I don’t expect them to know, but when they make assumptions I will tell them.

Just like with the game, when people assume the devs didn’t fix the bug, they did end up communicating.