To New World Developers

@NW_Mugsy I would have more faith in this sentence if I actually saw any action on the invincibility cheats and lag exploitation. It’s been weeks and the devs have zero update and no more mention of it.
How can players not assume they are just trying to bury it and let time “erase” it?

In every single MMO, whenever devs don’t even talk about cheats and their stand on it and their action taken, invariably players start to believe that they did nothing and turn their resentment against the devs.
At that point, anything the devs do will be viewed with suspicion or cynicism – including surveys and polls and other outreach.
Then you have to think about who’s bothering to answer and whether they have ulterior motives. Especially in a game like New World where so many legitimate players have outright quit.

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Do you think pigs should fly?

by research team, do you mean the ux designers? I have been thinking about applying for a system design/ux design position.

Be sure to check our communications to see updates on exploits, botting, cheats, and the steps we are taking to address them.

We are identifying key exploits and working to resolve them in-game so they aren’t possible. We know there are still exploits and cheats happening and we’re working hard to get them eliminated. As we take steps to remove exploits we’ll continue to communicate that in our patch notes and news announcements.


No, this would be a dedicated User Research Team, that targets, generates, samples, and interprets data. I think the UX team is more focused on product design changes that improve user experience.


@NW_Mugsy Since you brought up 1.0.5…

It is in fact a prime example of AGS mishandling of a bug/cheat from start to finish.
Zero communication on whether magic staff machinegun and hatchet bug abuse is considered an exploit or outright cheat.
And quietly “fixed the issue” in 1.0.5. Still without saying whether it was considered an exploit or cheat. Or if it were allowable to use by everyone until the patch.
It was critical to actually make a statement one way or another.
If players were allowed to use it, then everyone could have used it and been on a level playing field. Instead AGS divided the player into one group of cheaters and another group not using it because they felt it was a cheat.
And then the patch just quietly buries it.

And now the devs seriously expect people to believe AGS surveys will (1) be taken seriously (2) isn’t being filled by a sizable population of cheaters and exploiters with ulterior motives because legitimate players continue to leave.

Look at this testimony about how cheaters caused a server to depopulate dramatically and AGS did nothing to stop the cheaters from continuing to profit:

AGS might want to consider outreach to the players who ALREADY LEFT the game to understand why they did.


These surveys have been going on since alpha…not sure how it’s late.

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I don’t think there’s anything anyone can say that can satisfy you right now. Perhaps take a walk?


I doubt they have the resource allocated to deal with the cheats and exploiters. I have watched the same players cycle through whatever is broken at the time, benefit from it, get reported by multiple people and they are still in game, doing whatever the hell they want.

Exploit often, exploit early, do whatever you like. AGS is not remotely interested in your report or doing anything about it. It is the single biggest contributor to otherwise dedicated players leaving the game.


First I think some of you are going very hard on the devs. First understand that there are different groups that handle different things. Devs themselves typically don’t make any of these decisions. As far as polls, I agree there should be more of them, but they have had them for a while. The biggest issue with the polls is they have pretty awful general questions. One was do you like the social features? Well are we talking about voip, chat, trading. Idk. I would like group chat though.
Or how do you like pvp. Well I like it, but dex weapons having a million problems and having to spend a ton of gold every time I die on repairing makes pvp pointless.
Either way don’t blame the devs / attack devs, this company needs 10x the amount they have not 1/2 as many because you all stress them out.

HCI/Usability research would be a boon for your offering as well as your product design/game design team.

I wish you could get budget to hire a group like Nielsen-Norman; not only would it help you improve on this offering, it would give you information, insight, and guidelines that would benefit any other effort that AGS might engage.


Guys did you see the log in screen?

They’re setting up a PTR!
This means the patches should be a lot smoother :slight_smile:

NGL made my day seeing that :+1:


I think players would be more patient if cheaters and exploiters weren’t profiting in the meantime. AGS doesn’t seem to understand that.

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Fyi the cov on my server jumped ship because they ruined the server and there was no more pvp. They just decided to change servers and took all the money with them, hiking up the taxes on their way out. It was great.


Big mad, big sad, sorry friend if life bad

I am going to second @GrailQuest on these issues. I certainly believe AGS is working to eliminate loopholes and cheat methods, and of course it will take time. But this alone is not enough. It undermines the competitive integrity if the cheaters themselves and the results of the cheating are not also removed.

For example, I know of one guild that had 32 members banned for gold and item duping. Earlier the guild had used invulnerability exploits to take cities, and still owns them. The members of the same faction are happy to defend those cities for them. So the prior owners of the territory have no recourse and the much more difficult job of liberating their own city.

Of course AGS can’t monitor every server and war. But when the cheaters keep the spoils of their cheats with no indication that a day of reckoning is coming, it drives legitimate players away.

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Those players are going to be dissapointed.

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You forgot to mention resilience, should we ban everyone too because of that bug, or not because we all benefit from it, just report some selected bugs that is not convenient to us cause we do not use them

To be honest I have never seen any polls, been playing for some-time now, that is why it is better to send one to emails who bought New World.