To the Super Companies

did they leave cus they lost to them though =/

Thank you for posting this! i don’t think these companies care a lick if the player base decreases. They will have their day in the sun and gloat about it in Global Chat as much as possible till the end.

I have posted in the past about the problem of having revenue tied to owning territories. It has created a class system that is NOT health but AGS doesn’t seem to care (Rich vs Poor). There is video evidence of people spending 2/3 M in gold to get 2/3 BIS items. The average player is not going to be able to compete with this. Yes, gear does make a difference, yes, player skill counts more but coming from an average player gear does put some people into an ‘elite class’. Problem!!! and don’t tell me that all i have to do is spend 15 min a day smashing rocks to get plenty of gold to buy a BIS item - I call BS on that so don’t cheese me. At least running dungeons I could make some money that way as well but wait, the think tank just 86’ed that as well. The gold from dungeons is going to be cut by 50% - WTF?!!! So now I can’t even use that as a way to get some gold to maybe be lucky some day and get a BIS item. 1700 hrs playing and I have ZERO BIS pvp items that didn’t drop from a dungeon.

Furthermore - now the Wars are an exclusive Good Old Boys and Girls club. These super companies have Alt players on different servers and get MOST of the slots for wars. So now only a select few even get into wars. How is the average player, like myself, ever going to improve in a War when I NEVER get slotted in one. AGS thanks for excluding me in your planning and setting up a Class system that is pushing people away from the game.

I would love it is Super companies didn’t move servers and were happy to own 2 territories and call it a day. I agree with you they won’t they will continue to move around to just crap on as many people as they can. I totally agree that if they cared about competition they would move to a low pop server and say to all the other super companies - come here and we will fight it out all day every day. doesn’t happen because they get their satisfaction beating up the average players like myself. They don’t get that they are causing even more people to leave.


Old meta = one super company controlling a server.

New meta = one super company having multiple accounts/alts and controlling multiple servers.


Sadly I think many people who have left this game left because of this reason. Very flawed design. I will admit I didn’t see it at the beginning, but I have witnessed it on 3 servers now and it ends the same every time. There will always be people who want to be the best in a game and that should be encouraged and celebrated. The problem is PvP content is gated for people who are not the best. I just don’t see why someone who has quit the game but wants to PvP will ever come back at this point. AGS needs to rework the PvP design, particularly realm v. realm. If done correctly, that could actually bring people back.


I just watched a war. Copium took EF with over 12 minutes to go


Probably this.
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Once a server is dead there’s no reason for them to stay. Not enough income, not enough clients to buy gold for IRL money. So they have to move on.

Same with real life non-sustainable hunting practices. Selfishness and greed destroy everything in the end, even their own livelihoods.
But they can just go to another game afterwards and ruin that too. Might be hard to find a game with game devs so lax about banning exploiters and closing exploits though. AGS holds the title for being the best at doing that. Who else can say they lost close to 1M players since launch?

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Disaster is not a super company, they’re a joke. It is on the rest of the server that they couldn’t beat them

How do you feel now? Within 3 days Copium now owns EF and WW.




We begged and pleaded for the devs/creative team to limit the huge amounts of power and money these types of companies were amassing,. It may not have started with the housing “credit” but it certainly blew up with it. We said it would kill the game…We said it would cause people to leave. We said it was killing servers & economies. Nothing ever changed. Now I come back to the forum for the first time in months and see people politely begging for the same things. Except, there’s almost nobody left here. It’s a ghost town. Yet people are still nicely asking for the same exact things from months ago.

My only explanation is that AGS wants the game to die. Sure there are updates and great qol changes but it’s way too little and very obviously too late. It’s almost like New World is now used as a “minor league” of sorts for new devs, product managers etc to get their feet wet. I loved this game. I still log on once every few weeks to walk around and remember the great friends I made and fun times we had here. The first thing I see when logging on is “Tax Bill Due.” Then I see all of the empty towns. Great experience…


Nope, buddy of mine. Not Rawbee from Copium.

Is an alt though…and we all ended up on Oceana, which is where Copium started out at. Guessing that’s why he came up with the name :rofl:

His main is on COS.

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At this point, not only a serious war exhaustion/cooldown is needed(along with company transfer cooldown), i also think that the attacking/defending company should NOT be able to choose everyone. Controlling territories affect PVErs and Solo players. It shouldnt be like an effing moba where you can choose your own team everytime and own everyone. I would rather lose 1000 toxic try hard idiots than to lose the game. PVP is killing the game in this state. Just make it completely irrelevant for PVE(meaning, remove the town earnings completely) and just make it random and fun. If pvpers want, there is the arena, they can go and fight there, or make duels among them and such.


What a troll. Lol.

The ‘elite’ pvp companies draw in the no-lifers, generate huge gold, get best gears/equip/buffs, train all day every day, etc etc , buy any decent players they see, control a server, get bored when rest of server quits and moves on to devour the next one.

Eventually the server list gets so small the big companies face each other- but by then no one else will ever get to that level (finite pool of no-lifers maxxed out and fully trained) and you will see matches that can go either way- but still excludes 90% of the player base.

the number of changes required in the systems to make this more fun and bring in players are too many to list: maybe start by separating the gold in territory from the territory and then just awarding money for the win on the territory (but a lot less than generated by taxes), or make territory wars between the factions with regular wars (100 a side, random) every couple of hours/4 times a day (time moves by an hour a day to rotate) and also make a company vs company battlefield with leaderboards cross servers- in fact scrap servers, make nodes personal/ 24 hr respawn and we can have one mega server per area with dynamic maps. Town upgrades would be achieved through missions (no timer0. Invasions wouldn’t downgrade structures but might damage them, repair through missions.

It’s quite easy to see how a much better game could be created but it’s a lot of work from where it is now.

Maybe NW2…

Also usually if they have any competition against or see good players on other factions they just buy them out. I’ve seen several people switch factions because they got paid gold cap to join the EF/WW owner

You wont be able to change people. AGS has to change the rules for changes to happen.


If they are pushing 10% on multiple companies it doesn’t really sound like they are sniping the declare. It sounds more like they pushed the influence and won the declare. Idk sounds like copium to me.

Sounds like you are either part of the problem or dont understand how one group has better odds over another group.

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He’s a copium member. If I recall.


oh yes please explain to me how one group has unfair odds.