To those who stopped or about to stop playing the game…

Would you come back if everyone at AGS was fired and a new team or division at Amazon handled the game?

I would.

New World 2.0: A New Hope

Edit: Very plausible theory that the devs originally working on the game was already fired and/or replaced, so I’m pointing this thread at AGS leadership. Smedley and Hartmann need to be fired.


If they do this, I leave.


pathetc post


I dont think the entire AGS team needs to or should be fired. The lead for the studio needs to go though. He has no qualifications for running a game and has spent 8 years making bad decisions because he has no quaslifications for this.


its not the teams fault
its managment and the lumberyards rotten GameCore code thats left from CryEngine ^^


No, stop being so silly, it doesn’t help anyone.

I‘ll return once they fix the heavy bugs and exploits.
I just login daily and chat a bit and log off again, I dedicated myself to firestaff and icegauntlet… which work really well atm… on top of that people with hatchet 1-3 shot everything, people duped the shit out of everything so market is completly broken snd so on and so forth…

Once they have their game under control and in a good state and maybe open new servers I‘ll jump right back onto it

Holy f*ck dude… what a stupid post.


No I wouldn’t. I would stop playing and leave this website. The current AGS team has been honest and upfront far more than any other company out here. They have followed through with everything they said they would.

It’s obvious to me, the current AGS team is the best one for the job.

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Just as well change the game’s name to something attractive with some creativity. ‘‘New World’’ is something that comes to anyone’s mind when thinking MMO name, but only idiot picks it up. Almost any name would be better than that.

Shouldn’t be to hard to come up with one then. Let’s see it.

New Mans sky was a shitfest when it released and now its actually a decent game. Maybe there is hope

I dont see them being any more honest or upfront than most companies today. Its mostly canned responses to issues and some good stuff from the devs yesterday about PvP. Other than that the real issues are not being considered critical fast enough. The duping should have closed the market place Last Friday, not monday afternoon. But again those decisions dont come from the devs making the game, they come from the lead guy and he is not qualified.

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That’s to bad. I’ve watched them keep there word on several issues now and continue to do the best job they can. That’s far more than most companies out there.

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No you just described the bare minimum for customer service. Most game dev teams do the best they can. Thats really bare minimum stuff.

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All those dupes, glitches, and exploits say otherwise. And before you say it, No. Those things are not normal for an MMO launch.


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Well, maybe something that fits the lore somehow (if there’s any)?

Or if they live streamed them being flogged

if its not wiping the server, its wiping the developers… ooh boi, is that how you solve problems in life? throw them away

All of those things are normal for programming. Or did you somehow think bugs were just for crappy coders in MMO at launch who didn’t know any better? Give me a break.

The fact AGS is actively fixing those bugs rather than adding more content to sell is already heaps ahead of most gaming companies. If a bug free experience is what you are looking for, gaming isn’t it.

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