Today's patch notes

These are today’s patch notes for a 3 hour patch:

"We will be holding downtime Today 6:00 AM (in your local timezone) for all regions for approximately 3 hours (~180 minutes) to implement the following fixes:

Reduced occurrences of time skipping days ahead instantly on a world
Fixed a bug where some crowded combat situations would lead to players appearing to be frozen and other state could not be conveyed to a user due to excessive bandwidth consumption.
Fixed a rare server crash

Thank you for your patience and understanding."

What about the harvesting gear and other things?


This sounds like a continuation of what couldn’t get accomplished on this weekends downtime for West US?

Yeah, the time skipping seems to be affecting various servers. Weird bug. I was just hoping for other things but I will put my patience hat back on and sit back down lol. I’ll wait :slight_smile:

They are waiting to put the next build on the test server, to then not use that build in prod.


Yeah… I expected, after one of maybe the worst week ever in history for a game developer and their game, to have a way bigger patch notes… or at the very least, some sort of communication from AGS to adress the issues the playerbase have.

But they just released a two and half fix, that shut down servers for 3 hours, that doesn’t solve most of the problem players have and they don’t communicate at all on the issues?

How could such a big company as Amazon fail so hard at communication ?


They are probably prioritizing. The time-skipping thing is pretty big and seems to be causing huge downgrades. I’ve seen a lot of gripes on this forum about it.

Wait for christmass next year?!
Cause thats how its starting to feel .

Where can we hire a Karen to assist us in talking to the manager, they always seem to get their way.


depends on the size of the patch, but given their history of adding stealth changes, you can for sure expect hidden nerfs/buffs/changes to your build when the server comes live.


Yup the animal harvesting not working has pushed prices on those items up big time which is nice for the people who had lost of it, but crappy for crafters.

Does also seem very very small to warrant a 3 hour downtime but perhaps that is simply what it takes to patch the server(s) and bring them back on (baseline time)…

This is not the weekly patch. This is an emergency patch to fix major issues.


Perspective: I’ve been waiting years for ESO to fix their siege wars and I’m still waiting. :upside_down_face:


yo esperaba que arreglaran el tema de decoracion, no puedes guardarla en el almacenamiento, ni vender, ni traspasar, quiero entregarle a mi compañero los baules que le craftee y no puedo … llevan una semana y ni luces de solución

They have never said they patch weekly but yeah, they normally seem to do Wednesdays, yes?


yes but if you have been paying attention, they also noted on a proir patch that they will not be operating over the Thanksgiving Holiday?
Doesnt mean F all to me as im in AUS but everyone has holidays right?
Honestly i think everyones going a little crazy over this?
If they fix the current bugs, people will find something else to complain about. it’s the current way of the world unfortunately.


There will always be bugs but there are just a few major ones that cause the most inconvenience. Hopefully they will address those soon. Our Thanksgiving falls on Thursday.

“Rare server crash” happened 3 times on City of Brass just yesterday :slight_smile:
Rare may be a subjectively applied view on their end


all changes? ok. where is the rest of it ? :smiley:

show us the real list of changes ! :smiley:

This patch fixes time skips. In terms damage caused to servers…this bug is on the extreme side. They are prioritizing this for the moment while testing the other fixes that are yet to come. Have patience and stop complaining.

Okay, so, if you read my comment before writing yours, you would have seen that I also wrote about communicating, right? There is a OR there.

way bigger patch notes… or at the very least, some sort of communication

Where is that part?

They already said there would be no major patch this week. This is a Bug fix for a major issue effecting some servers. Also this is causing a time skip issue stacking Wars on top of Invasions at the same time in the same Territory causing a weird issue with the War board where you cant sign up at all for either you can only sign up for one or the other and it doesnt give you any kind of choice.

For example. last night we fought Syndicate for MB. War time was 10pm a invasion popped and said 10pm same time as war time the same night War time was set. When players went to the War board it gave many on our faction only the option to sign up for the invasion and not the War or no option at all. We went into the War 40 Vs 50 because the other faction did not have this issue.