Today's patch notes

What was the rare server crash they siad they fixed in this patch. Wondering if it the issue I have been having

How about opening all dungeons for the holiday weekend at least?? (No key required) do this and you’ll see a lot of happy folks!

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Don’t get your hopes up. Just about every game on Earth goes into hibernation this time of year. We’ll get one more patch. Maybe two (unlikely) before Christmas.

If they’re staging the next patch on the PTR, then we won’t see the first one until Nov 30th. Then the second mid Dec and that’s it until sometime in January 2022.

The year 2022… sounds like the future.

Dude… I would be so happy. Those keys are such a hindrance. :rage:

Shields will never be reverted. Rip shields.

Uh, if they don’t at least enable people to get their darn furniture out of their bags, it’s gonna be a real quiet holiday.

What about harvesting gear and other things.
Then the patch notes would be :
“fixed harvesting gear”

Now it’s
“Different things” and no harvesting gear.

Hey does This mean that a future expansion will have all the crops turn into monsters… I wonder if I get to use my old weedkiller chainsaw from EverQuest again

Very much so, and with all the crashes and people
losing keys, also with all the people on low pop servers, this is one thing that if they do it even if it’s just temporary, it could first off bring back some players that left the game even if it’s just for a short period of time, snd would also make alot of people happy and temporarily forget the ongoing issues…not sure why the secs are thinking about it this way tbh.

Bug fix is a bug fix.

Patch is a patch.

They are not the same. This downtime is a bug fix.

Its simple.

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Yep! Got that now. Thanks.

They seem to have a variety of different patch types. There are huge patches that boost the game’s content. Those are rare. Then there are “tuning” patches that try to address major issues and maybe adjust some things in the game (like how much something drops–see things like sand flux, sandpaper, etc.)

And then there are these emergency patches that come out of no where. No big, long explanation. They are there to address something that is 10000% killing the game. (When the servers went down to turn off player trading, or when they went back up to re-enable it.)

This is one of those “emergency patches.” I don’t think it’s one of those “tuning” patches that come out every week or 2 with the long explanations.

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One of the worst in the history of a dev and game? I get hyperbole, but you’ve taken it to an entirely different universe. If you actually believe that maybe it’s time to take a break.

1.1 Into the Void is killing the game, and I don’t think this patch addresses the majority of the problems with that.

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Agreed. But I don’t think this is their response to 1.1. This is a random, “Oh for fuck’s sake, another f—!!!” panic patch.

This isn’t them addressing 1.1. It’s them addressing the servers randomly crashing or the massive time jumps that happen.

Yea. It’s a patch to fix the patch.



Can someone please give me a link directly to the actual patch notes please. Thanks

We should be getting paid for testing this Game Early access!

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