Toll Tax in New World

In the last patch developers introduced the road buff, next patch developers need to introduce toll tax in the main roads , land owners builded these roads with their hard work, they need tax income the same way they get from crafting, trading post and houses.

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calm down

its just a video game

if you hate being a slave stop playing the game #notsmug #notsarcastic

I am calm, i like the game and i prefer to try for a change and keep playing it instead of quitting as most people do atm.

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aren’t they adding cotton crops in the new update ?


Can u kindly please dont give them such ideas?
We already pay to make linen from hemp , you arent very far from reality…

Do you pay taxes and live in the US?
You’re a slave.

At least in Aeternum you can kill the ones taxing you without repercussion

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My deepest apologies professor

Get out of here with that nonsense…geezy peezy.

I dont live the US but i pay taxes and they provide me lot staff, and my taxes are based on my income and on my activities, till now hadnt any bratt push a button in a keyboard to raise taxes to extreme so he can get faster his jewelsmithing to 200…

Why is that nonsense? where in the world u pay so much money and get nothing in return?

Eh, not exactly accurate. If you share the same factions as them asshats, you’re SOL.

move towns? there is no SLAVERY in New World. Hence, nonsense thread.

The US has simultaneously an income tax and a sales tax.
Literally robbing you of any money you handle.

There is no free trade, unless you abuse the donation system and tax write offs making yourself its own business entity with a money management company.

They designed the system to reward those dedicated to play the game, and abuse the average citizen.

How do you kill someone if they don’t die?

You press buttons, they fall on the ground, drop a 495 GS green quality hatchet.
They respawn and you do it again.

If u like crafting u cant move towns, game is capitol centric and the rest towns, have no crafting benches, noone wanst to make the effort to build in these.

I only heard that the tax and care system in us is bad, i would like to make a conversation about this but since i havent been in us , i have no clue about your tax system.

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