Tolvium/Cinnabar Data needs to be addressed

I am a dedicated miner on our server. I run almost max luck without a 3rd house with a mining trophy. So my question is: Why do some people that run the same route that I do, have as much luck maybe that one extra trophy, which is only like 1.5% for major bonus luck, get around 100-200 cinnabar/tolvium daily, and I get roughly 20-30 Tolv/Cinn in the same time frame or longer?

These are my results from the past 7 days Note: I am running Max luck on Pickaxe/Amulet/T5 Mining food including my gear + 2 Major mining trophies

Day 1: 6450 Orich Ore, 20 Tolv, 14 Cinn
Day 2: 5430 Orich Ore, 25 Tolv, 20 Cinn, 1 Void ore
Day 3: 7300 Orich ore, 30 Tolv, 0 Cinn
Day 4: 3400 Orich Ore, 10 Tolv, 13 Cinn
Day 5: 6560 Orich Ore, 30 Tolv, 22 Cinn

Now my friends results, The only difference is that one extra mining trophy in his house
Day 1: 5340 Orich ore, 120 tolv, 113 Cin, 4 Void ore
Day 2: 6310 Orich Ore, 115 Tolv, 89 Cin, 1 Void ore
Day 3: 5110 Orich ore, 123 Tolv, 120 Cin, 2 Void ore
Day 4: 6430 Orich ore, 150 Tolv, 115 Cin, 3 Void ore
Day 5: 3450 Orich Ore, 89 Tolv, 67 Cin, 1 Void ore

Obviously you can see the Huge difference between us, we both didn’t use prof boosters during these tests to make them as accurate as possible. Why is that 1.5% bonus such a huge deal? Am I missing something that should suggest getting that extra 1.5% will increase my luck for drops this much? I need some answers Amazon.


Luck in this game is severely convoluted. Remove your amulet and try again.

Luck RNG + Gathering/drop/chest RNG + broken mechanics RNG = failed system

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Are you pvp flagged. I get about 1k or i a day and usually have about 18 Tolv/Cinn combined. I don’t farm much but it’s enough to basically get my daily smelt with purchasing 1 or 2 ores

According to AGS there’s no sweet spot threshold…

New patch notes: * Added refining recipes that let you refine 250 of a T5 raw ore, wood, fiber, or rawhide into 1 legendary material. For instance, you can now convert 250 Orichalcum Ore into 1 Tolvium.

…. I’d rather farm the tolvium… seems like even with broken luck it would take less time

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Some people are lucky in some area for me I can’t get a trophies part for the life of me 2 trophies since release yet Simone with less luck than me gets 3 a week. However I had decent voidore drops compared to other people.
Pray to the rng god I spose more

Person would much rather with 0 perc luck it you will get something on you 100th chest and 10 percent luck you’ll get it on the 90th chest would much rather a guaranteed drop for rare ore/trophies parts at set intividual instead of rng kinda like xo bar and levels but think of instead of level you get a trophies piece or rare ore upon leveling and do is how many node of that type you hit. Much better to know your working towards something that you will be rewarded for or go 2 months hitting 500 chests a day and get nothing everyday lol

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Is there anything you do differently? One thing I noticed after getting crappy drops on rare resources for a while is that swapping gear just before mining does not work and I was actually better not to swap to mining gear and just keep my regular gear.

didnt read everything, but every upgrade on the trophy are 500 points → 5%
not 1,5% or anything
if u have 3x level 1 → 15% more luck
compared to 3x level 3 → 45% luck

so there is a gab of 30% luck!!

so ur 1,5% are 15%!

the %s are not accurate, that is a shorthand they adopted that doesnt represent what happening. And even with a % the difference isn’t 1.5%. a major trophy is 1500 points which they would classify as 15%, even though thats not accurate.

really the system is based on die rolls and die bonuses.

measuring the numbers of orichalcum isn’t really that expressive. You may have higher yield, got faction bonuses, hit more large nodes, etc.

however assuming you average 37 ori per node you are running a bit low

BTW yall didnt mention whether you were running flagged bonus or not.

the main way of measuring this would be number of nodes hit, and number of times you got tolvium/cinnabar. If you are max everything except minus 1 trophy, you should see a rare drop about 1/11 nodes.

his is probably acting as it should

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I have an achievement for opening 10,000 chests, most of them I was in the outfit of luck. Guess how many trophy upgrades I got? Correctly 0.

I have not quite achieved what you have but similar results. But I got one basic logging trophy drop (about 5 weeks ago) so I am leagues ahead!

Same achievement here,since lv 15+ ive used only luck gear but i did get a Barkflesh and Armor’s Journal with about 700hrs played

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