Tondo "aim-assist" issue

In regards to the 3rd Tondo passive “Proper Spacing” giving the initial hit of Tondo doing 2x the damage when spaced optimally, having the aim-assist to center the cast at a target is benefitial more often than not.

However, there are a few instances where it is counterproductive, one of which that is striaght up frustrating.

First and foremost, the assist is far too strong when there is someone right next to you (or just to your side), i.e in OPR moshpits, where you’d want to tondo a clump of 2+ targets but the aim-assist forces the cast to do a near 90 degree turn to whoever happened to walk past you (i.e within the unarmed punch/kick range). Not only does this make proper teamplay have unnececary difficulty in moshpits, as in feeling a need to be “in the clear” before safely using tondo, but also in having the “Proper Spacing” perk feel almost unintuitive seeing as the game prioritizes the closest rather than the aimed at.

This can be replicated by standing next to a target dummy whilst trying to tondo another dummy. The expected outcome would to hit the further dummy whilst maybe hitting the close one if positioned well, but more often than not you just end up hard facing the close dummy and making the cast go way off where you intended it to go. So in summary: there seems to be too much weight on the “closest target” rather than “target aimed at” portion of the assist.

Whilst this type of “tuning” of the melee aim assist must be a blessing for melee swings (GreatAxe/WarHammer/SnS mains ect), the same isn’t always the case for the more “reach-y” abilities like Tondo, Feral Rush, Skewer, Vault Kick, Perforate, Leaping Strike.

tl dr: Aim-assist too focused at close range, especially in regards the “Proper Spacing” Rapier passive and/or other melee abilites with reach

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