Too easy level skills

too many players maxed their characters already and its bad.

when i used to play runescape, i played it for years and never reached 99. and even without constant flow of new content, the game had alot of players.

i really hoped the game would be like that in launch. low experience gain is fun and can last longer. not fun for everyone, but you cant make everyone happy.

Up skill cap to 500 but don’t provide anything but passive perks.

Edit: Like 1% speed per skill above 200 or something.

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You are 200/200 on all crafting skills already?

Bro are you okay? I’m max level and got a few at 200 but like…chill if you’ve already grinded THAT much. That’s insane without a company feeding you materials.

I wouldn’t mind if caps were removed and maybe get a skin/achievement for super high levels.

So many things maxed at 200 and I’ve lost a lot of motivation to do anything with them.

i was thinking more like, the best stuff in the game are made by high skill level.
like in 480 you get to make an item that allow you to use a certain 60 dungeon chest. and this item is built of ingerients from all proffesionans of similar high level. so making it would be hard AF, which would also make it VERY valuable.
also mats are super rare.

and to get skill level above 200 is VERY slow process the higher you go.

and throughout the levels you get to make new stuff that gradually get better.

achievements and passive ? thats just silly. im talking about actual requirement for highest-end top of the top content.

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