Too few Devs to manage 2 things at once?

There are still bugs and issues en masse in the current state of the game, but you are gonna focus on PTR?
Are you that desperate to bait players back into a still broken game?

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Why are you complaining? A PTR is highly needed, they have plenty of developers, the issue was and is mostly QA and PTR helps that big times.


PTR serves as testing ground for updates and fixes they would like to deliver, before they hit the live servers. Remember how people complained about a number of issues that appeared after previous updates?

Well, AGS heard them and now they’re releasing to PTR first. But I guess some people always find a reason to complain.


I feel like you didn’t understand the goal of a Public TEST Server.

What i read is,
why devs focus on PTR to try to fix all possible issue when you have already a lots issue to fix, a bit non sense.

With the PTR they can continue to fix issue that already exist and avoid the need to rush on news critical issue after new patch,
And rushing on news bug when non-Tested updates hit live and getting more bug and again less times to fix older remaining issue didn’t probably go to reduce issue “en masse”.

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… our current focus is the Public Test Realm which serves to support our next big update.

It is not for stuff that is still broken at this point, but NEW content.

If they would release it without loosing focus on fixes to the current state that would be fine, but they dont.

Are you some kind of fortune-teller or how do you know they won’t. Also the PTR is already done, so you should focus on how to utilize it, instead complaining about something that’s already created.

We have been PTR since 2016

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tell me you don’t understand how things work, without telling me how you don’t understand how things work.

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