"Too many characters created" had no idea, possible to revert?

Hi there!
I was making my character on the Tir Na Nog EU server, and kept remaking it because I wanted to end up in the starter location “First Light” with my friend. But then I suddenly received a warning telling me I had created too many characters and had to wait for 22 hours before I could make another.
I understand this might be a security measure of sort in place, however I had no idea of its existence and if I did know of it I would have just run over to my friend’s starter zone instead.
Is there any way to revert this restriction so that I can make the character and be on my merry way?

Thank you so much for reading, and I apologize for being unaware of this precautionary system.

In the past they haven’t been able to revert the restriction. I would personally just wait, even though that might suck. :frowning:

Hey @petter94b hope you’re doing fine!

In this case and as @JakeL said, unfortunately we do not have any tools to revert this situation. On the post shared above you can check further information. Appreciate the information @JakeL provided to @petter94b ! Thanks for assisting the community.

Hope you both have a nice day!


Good morning, Legumi. A splash screen (after the shipwreck and before the Thorpe tutorial) asking which shore players want to wash up on would resolve coordination concerns and eliminate the need to reroll in order to play with friends.

It could look like this:

“You slowly open your eyes. As your vision unblurs, you see (choose starting beach): [No Preference] [Monarchs] [Windsward]”

Such a small change would be a huge QoL boost.

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Thanks everyone for the response!
I understand, and I don’t mind waiting since it’s almost done by now.
ThoraldGM has a great idea I think with giving you the option to pick the starter zone presented like that.
Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

Hey @ThoraldGM and @petter94b hope you’re both doing awesome!

Actually I do think it’s a great Idea and thank you for bringing this insight, as OP agreed as well It would be pretty sweet and would solve some situations over there.

Remember that besides wandering in Aeternum as we love to (I sure do :laughing:), you can submit this ideas or suggestions on the #game-feedback section or as well send them in to the link below:

We will definitely appreciate the support and it’s a step further so players can help us make NW an even better game!

Hope you find this useful, and wish you a nice day!

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