Too many people quit in this patch

Especially in a low pop server.
There are too many big changes coming in all at once. All I see are players quitting the game because things are becoming a chore.

-The idea of more reward for pvp players, while it is a good pvp incentive, but most of the time, it’s big zerg going around killing solo players trying to harvest in the same area.

-Nobody going to Elite zone, a lot of weapons nerfed, Elite zone got harder, reward got nerfed. It is now harder to ask random for Elite because they don’t feel like it worth it anymore without pvp on. Dominant companies/factions controlling the whole area.

-End-game Dungeons contents are locked for most people, while tuning orb is easier to craft now, we are having less resources because not many people run anything.

-The only worthwhile contents are outpost rush, invasions, and wars, but forget about wars, it’s extremely laggy, everybody froze on point, it’s all about tanking all that damage, you can’t even shoot or do anything so players just spam LMB and pray.
-Invasion sometimes crashed near the end.
-Outpost rush is also laggy, it got worst after the void patch. Sometimes one team has 12 players while the other team has 20 (wtf).

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