Too many ranged ppl in OPR

cant do anything melee

almost 80 -90 % ranged ppl

all thing melee can do is dying and get low rank

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Not on my server

Agreed, its disgusting. Bow and Musket needs huge nerf just like the fire mages did at early game. Its almost unplayable at moment.

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nah , not even close.
true there are more bow players but they cant do shit.
3 were shooting at me from distance like 3 min and couldnt land a kill.
and im light armour.
muskets are another matter even worst players land shots on running targets.
bows stack poorly.

No ranged on my server , actually no OPR on my server.

In arena I see lots of mage few musket and a small amount of bow . GA/WH/ healer ultra dominent. I ended up with 2 healer in rando more than once

If you want to play solo, you only can go for healer or range. It’s absolutely no fun playing melee with randoms. Most of the time you don’t have a healer of you get kited by BB + CC players.

So only fun you can have is playing range


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