Too much queue on the Atlantis server

Second day I’m trying to play and I can not because of the queue that exists on the server. I have little time to play during the week, about 2 hours a day, and I spend that little time in line! It’s extra bad, I thought that because it’s an Amazon game, at least i wouldn’t have a problem with servers…

I get in queue and i’m waiting for hours to log in… this at position 1500… Sad…


The average wait time on Atlantis is ~18min for 185 queue positions. With ~2000 queue you get to wait for like 2h30m (or so).

Atlantis is among the most concurrent servers on SA. There’s a lot of Arg players as well. The server is super balanced in terms of companies and PvP.

I manage to log into Atlantis as soon the game launched and for me, since I get to play late at night, I get from work and let it on queue… but I fear the weekend queue

I hope the queues get better soon, many friends are giving up playing on this server. Wish server could handle 1000 more players at least to let it sit around 3000 players.

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