Top 3 game-breaking PvP exploits/bugs

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So our company just had our final war a few hours ago before calling it quits after going 21-0 in Wars. We’ve kept this info within our company, but its time to finally share it.

Here’s a list of our top 3 game-breaking PvP bugs:

1) Resilient perk:

An armor perk that can be stacked 5 times that states - Critical hits deal 4.8% less damage to you.

What if I told you this works with ALL damage types? Yes, it does. People in the know have been abusing this perk to faceroll all wars because you were taking 22.5% reduced damage. compared to everyone else. Stack it up on 50 players in a war or close to it, and you know why we never lost.

While everyone were busy farming gear and getting their “highwatermark” up, smart players farmed full faction gear at 60 and after 3 hours they had full best in slot gear for pvp (voidbent is only slightly better and costs 300k+ coins on my server)

2) Perks:

A company mate went through all skill-based perks and we’ve found half of them to be straight up not working.

That Fireball perk that you thought was the Best perk available and you spend all your coins on? Too bad it doesn’t work.

It took him a day to test and check which worked which doesn’t (I’ve asked his permission if I can share the doc here).

It honestly boggles my mind how AGS’s own QA team didn’t do this simple due dilligence considering perks are the only special things on gear besides them being unimaginative attribute stat sticks.

Yes, there are some perks that also do more damage than the implied tooltip

3. Armor Types:

The damage bonus from different armor types straight up does not work. So right now if you aren’t heavy, you’re simply gimping your team in PvP.

And lastly, invulnerability still exists and did exist on a lot of different skills + window drag. AGS simply took the video from a guy and patched the most common one which was invuln while standing still.


#1: Post the damage reduction in the bug report section, if it’s functioning this way i’m sure they will fix it.

#2: if he did a bunch of testing…he should post on the bug forums. saying " a bunch of stuff doesnt work" isn’t really helpful.

#3: what new invulnerability exploits are there? you should also post these in the bug report section.

TLDR: Why aren’t you posting these in bug report section? that’s what it’s for.


They have all already been posted in Bug Report.

ok, then wait a bit and they will be fixed im sure.

By “a bit” do you mean a year or two? Because that is how long it will take to fix everything that is broken in this game?

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When did you post them in the bug forums…i looked and found nothing btw.

How is #1 a bug or exploit? Of course they stack. That would be the worst designed set ever if you were meant to only purchase 1 piece since the passives don’t stack.


The resilient trait is meant to only reduce “Critical Hit Damage” OP is saying It is reducing all damage including Critical Hit Damage, which when stacked over many gear slots can lead to more than 20% of overall reduced damage.
It’s been a problem since Beta and still hasn’t been fixed.

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Posting in the bug section doesnt mean things get fixed.

Ive posted the same bugs in the bug section since july in closed beta and those bugs are still in the game today.

It’s still where they will review it…if they ARe going to fix it, this is where it should go. The OP has no post in bug section though, i checked.

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Mighty bold assumption there, lol. Can we hold you to that?

Minor Irritation, faction gear costing gold is ridiculous, the way it is now if the gear was not bugged then it would not be worth it. Same with runes of holding costing gold.

Dude look at his history he’s a complete troll. I am amazed how people like the OP just gobble up what anyone spews on the internet.

Try actually reading the post next time.

I could dead wrong, but sometimes I feel forums only exist to give gamers a “vent” to express our frustration. Also, probably in the wrong here that forums only exist to give companies an “out” from actually having to answer the feedback that they supposdly care about to claim in lue of plausible deniability. Again… I could be dead wrong, and just concocted a conspiracy. Never know. :laughing:

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