Top players have little incentive to fight each other (faction balance)

At the moment the common issue I see on most servers is that the faction balance is very poor. Usually one faction controls both Everfall and Windsward and has like 90% of the profits the server makes. This is mainly because the incentives to win those towns is too big, while the incentives for top players to fight each other are nonexistent. So it makes so much sense for them to band together and just milk the server for money. And when top players have that level of money flowing to them, its game over on the server, nobody can touch them. And since this game is pvp oriented, many people either leave the server or the game.


Player base will be reduced to 5k because of this. Only a server wipe can fix this. THis system has been left to run for far too long and some players force themselves into RMT to spend all that useless coin.

Tax revenue is a blatant overlook and already has a negative snowball effect. Creates a drastic wealth gap, slows the economy, and creates inequality.

This wealth gap diminishes coin worth and players time. It’s insulting, disgusting, and a slap in the face. Many players put in the same amount of time as those who hold territory. All tax is doing is discrediting their time.

azoth water was like 9 gold yesterday on my server. Those guys have too much money and spend it to level everything no matter the costs. This is so irritating cause I have to work really hard to level my crafting.

agreed. This is the primary reason why I feel like quitting the game. I mean the main reason why pay to win (with real money) is not introduced in the game is because it creates this unfairness feeling from the rest of the player base. But the thing is, the same unfairness feeling is the result of this economics system amazon has created. That some people have it way too easy and there is no way to catch up.

Wars are to easy for defending side. Spawning A B C while defending just makes it super easy in my eyes both sides should have to spawn at fort or war camp only! This has to do with factiopn balance also when companys go to war over and over only to lose they leave the faction

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