Top players reported and banned the day of our war

So my company has a war today and the company we are going to war against reported our top players so they would get a temporary 24 hour ban and not be able to participate in the war. This is beyond petty and it would be great if the admin team could really look into this. If this isn’t cheating by the other company through clear abuse of the system I don’t know what is. En0ka, Rylynn, Sticc and Dankrng are currently some of our top players and all just so happened to be reported and receive 24 hour bans the day of our war and will be unable to participate. I’m sure others will wake up with the same issue but haven’t seen it yet. We are in the Valhalla server. This needs to get looked at immediately please by the admin team. Mass reporting the night before a war really needs to get fixed and those who abuse the system should face repercussions.


Sorry to say they won’t fix this issue. This is happening alot where people get mass reported for either no reason or small offenses. Amazon would have to admit their system is broken and hijacked by crybulliers and all around petty individuals. Plus the GM’s are just as bad as they just want to get through as many tickets as they can so they rarely do any serious investigations.


It’s sad that people want to win an imaginary war so badly that they will abuse a broken in game system to do it. Reminds me of the South Park WoW episode :rofl:


I like Rylynn’s response on reddit:

mass reporting should result in an automatic MUTE . Then it can be actually manually reviewed and a potential ban hammer delivered. Badabing, badaboom. Problem solved.

We have profanity filters, the game is rated Teen… I’m all for punishing people who are abusive/disruptive in chat, but the timing of this is just too convenient it’s such an obvious blatant attempt to get them out of the war.


Absolutely is. Petty at its finest. Yea her response in Reddit is on point. A MUTE would be a good start before auto ban.

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A lot of companies and players got mass reported for fun and banned each time your ban is longer beginning on 1 day to 1 week, I was randomly banned 3x in a row for nothing

So your inferring they are Abusive or offensive by the delcaring that such SHOULD be punished but the timing is suspect?

Maybe you worded it in a way that needs addressing as it does read like they are chat trash, but whey ban on day of war…as THAT is the suspect part :slight_smile:


valid report.

Usually mass reports dont do a thing to make any report any more legit, in fact its quite different and slowing down progress.

Reporting a person a few hundred times with “test” description should be proof enough for both cases.

I ain’t assuming anything, just look at the forums, reddit, steam discussion pages or any major clan chat and you’ll see streamers and clans targetting major pvp players or anyone they don’t like for whatever reason. Even I myself have seen people banned for something as trivial as calling someone an idiot who’d been complaining about being ganked for 30 minutes in global. It’s gotten so bad in my clans main server that it’s a policy for all of us to just avoid global. If that’s not a toxic environment AGS has fostered I don’t know what is.

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i am done bro i quit today no more of this shit for me enough of getting randomly banned every second day and being bullied in chat by the haters

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