Topaz Gemstones Potion

The potion that is used to allow Topaz Gemstones has a duration that is too short. I was killing 59-60 monsters in Reekwater for the 60 minutes and only had 6 Topaz Gypsum drop during that duration. The cost of making this thing and the effort to get the actual gemstones isn’t worth the cost or time investment. The potion needs to last until all 10 gemstones drop or at the very least 2 or 3 hours to ensure all 10 gemstones drop. As its currently designed the 60 minute duration for a rare drop isnt worth it.


Or to just increase the drop rate of the topaz gypsum.
At the moment, the time sink to get the topaz-related orb is the finding of all the Tier V arcana materials to craft the potion.

With the current duration and the low drop rates, you are encouraging people to go to the level 55 areas and kill as many trash, non-elite mobs as they can, to maximize their chances to get the needed topaz gypsums.
Going to any higher level area or fighting higher rank mobs doesn’t seem to increase the chances of dropping topaz, as seen on the dev Myrkguard run, where they got like 2-3 topaz in like 1 hour of play.

Make topaz gypsum drop at doube the chance as it is now for base mobs. And increase this chance for higher level and rank mobs, dramatically.


Yes - this is a better idea. The drop rate should just be increased significantly to ensure all 10 drop within 60 minutes.

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First two days trying for the topaz Gypsum. I only got 7 dropped in each of the hours over the 2 days. The rate really needs upped. Will see if the third day is any better today.

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