Topaz Gypsum not dropping as intended

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  • What is your character name in New World: Devlin NA
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: Camelot
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing:Topaz Gypsum not dropping
  • Is this a bug or an exploit:Bug
  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay: I have stopped doing the activity until it can be fixed
  • (if a bug) Were you able to recover from the issue:No I just stopped trying until its fixed
  • (if a bug) Please include a screenshot or video of the issue that you have experienced:
  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced: I have tried the Attunement potion activity 4 times and received 8 topaz 6 topaz 6 topaz and yesterday 4 topaz.

Any word of this “BUG” being on the soon to be fixed list?

Mine bugged after dropping one topaz

Same, get about 5-7 to a pot now… be nice if they could atleast dix the things, fixed in pat h noted… mutated orbs etc…

Any word when this “feature” will be actually working?

Well I tried the Topaz potion again yesterday and got 4 Topaz gypsum to go with the other 6 that I had in my inventory, so I was finally able to forge a piece of armor.
This feature is STILL NOT WORKING as intended.

Where are you using your potion?

They fixed the drop rate but you still only get ten drops a day…not loots…drops. so if you do thos in a zerg or anywhere you miss bags…you miss topaz… that has not changed.

Everyone i know is experiencing a considerable decrease in farm time on topaz. Used to take upwards of 40m now we finish in 10m but the obsidian still takes longer because of respawn times on the elite named npcs.

This is a group of 3 to 5 people farming the two silver elites and the other normal npcs at skysong temple. Same group, same time, daily for months now.

Thanks for the reply, I have been using the Topaz potions solo in ReekWater hunting all of the mobs L55 and above.

Keep in mind the cooldown was reduced but the drop rate wasnt increased. Its not 100% drop rate.

We used to do reekwater but we never finished we have assumed we missed bags in the flora there.

@Sonickat Thanks for the reply,When you say the drop rate isnt 100%, do you mean they dont drop every drop,or, I cant get the full amount of Topaz Gypsum (10) every potion?
Once again today I used a Topaz potion in RW, killed Timeless mireloup(75 pieces of Wyrdwood),cougars,wolfs,ghosts,gators,human mobs and got only 5 Topaz gypsum for the 1 potion I used. thanks again…Cheers

Did you pop it on a portal run because I don’t think portals will drop it. I pop it on elite chest runs when they start at shattered mountain or imperial palace.

I mean the cooldown prevents it from dropping more frequent than every x amount of time but every kill doesnt guarantee a drop. Its a floor.

So you might have a 10% drop rate and a 2 minute cooldown. You might be able to kill 10 mobs per minute meaning on average you would see 2 drops in that time but the cooldown would prohibit that. You also have 10% chance each kill so while unlikely you can go 100s without a drop. Rng is rng.

The drops should work though in 1 hour potion duration if your killing mobs fast enough and making sure your atent missing bags.

Someone runs past you gets hit by your heal and you get kill credit for something they killed out of sight a bag drops you dont loot it and it had topaz thats one of your ten that day. You only loot nine and it stops dropping cause you already had 10 drops.

Ideally these need to automatically go in inventory or they need to drop inside looted bags like the diamond gypsum drops.

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Currently, it is not even a 2 minute CD between drops. I have gotten 3 in 1 pull. I have gotten my 10 in as fast as 10 minutes to as long as 45 since the most recent update.

You can get so much gypsum orbs through tempest i dont even bother with this no more. Once you get to mutations save the attunment potion if you need void resistance. For some reason you get 15% void absorbtion which is great to use for difficult void mutations.

How are you getting gypsum orbs out of tempest?

You can get topaz, no obsidian, 1 gypsum if big if you can finish the instance. Where else are you getting gypsum?

The reward chest for completing it gives orbs

This is kind of an out of touch response to the OP. Very few players are completing Tempest right now in it’s current state. It’s way more difficult mechanically for most people than other instances and unless you way out gear it or are an exceptionally advanced player your not walking into temptest clearing it in a short amount of time and completing the instance. Your spending hours in there and likely not finishing. No finish, no orbs from repeatable quests.

My experience is that the drop rate (benefit) is so low compared to the cost of the potion and time spent that it is essentially a waste of time and effort. I’m lucky to pick up 5 topaz after 100 kills. The drop rate seems to be around 5% for every 55+ kill.

Given the cost of the potion, they should just simplify it so that you drink the potion and your next 10 55+ kills each gives a topaz gypsum and then you are capped until the next reset.

To be totally honest they should embrace playing how you want. All activities that award gypsum should reward orbs instead. Change opr to an orb per match. Change topaz to just have a small chance to drop an orb from level 55 creatures. Max 10 orbs per day can be LOOTED once you reach your limit just give a unique item message and dont let players loot more. None of this other nonsense. Kiss.

Then just get orbs doing what you enjoy.


This feature of the game is STILL not working for me. I popped a potion in ReekWater and killed every L60 I saw until that potion ran out, but I STILL only got 6 Gypsum.
The potions are NOT cheap to make which would be alright, but only if they WORKED.