Topaz Gypsum question

Hi guys, I used 1 Topaz Gypsum Attunement Potion and managed to get 9 Topaz Gypsum.

If I use another Potion, do I stop getting Topaz Gypsum drops when I get 10 Topaz Gypsum or can I exceed the 10 Topaz Gypsum limit within the same day?

It will cap at the 10 drops. :slightly_frowning_face:

Each topaz gypsum has its own cooldown (22 or 24 hours, idk actually). If you use potion right after you got 9 drops then you will be able to get only 1 topaz gypsum (the last 10th that is not on cooldown, the other 9 will be on cooldown). If you use potion after 22-24 (?) hours you will be able to get up to 10 new topaz gypsum.

Wait, so crafting the potion has a cooldown.
Each individual topaz drop has a cooldown.
Crafting the orb from topaz gypsum has a cooldown.
And all these cooldowns are different, and hidden?

The gypsum system is not bad, but the cooldown solution is insane!
Why there is a cooldown to the topaz drops, if there is already a cooldown in place for the potion crafting and the orb crafting from topaz?
Why not let me gather 100 topaz in one day if I want, if I get enough potions, and then spend the next 10 days crafting orbs?

Please, AGS, get rid of drop cooldowns for all gypsum types. All their use is already throttled by the orb-craft recipe cooldown. No need to have this so obscure and convoluted as it is.



Is this broken or what? Serious question.
I had 10min left of my potion and nonstop killing 60+ mobs, and still didn’t get that 10th one.
This has to be bugged somehow?

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I just tried the Topaz Gypsum Attunement potion and managed to get 10 Topaz Gypsum within 48 minutes, I could not get an 11th Topaz Gypsum to drop so I assume it has a maximum 10 Topaz Gypsum drop per potion.

How long do I have to wait for the Topaz Gypsum drop to reset, 18 hours or 22 hours?

Ohh LOL!! I’m dumb!
I think I had 9 Topaz when I took the potion and then ended up with 19 at the end😆

So it actually is max 10 per potion and you are able to get it within the hour if you don’t get distracted by something, which is so easy😝

The Problem is the the 10 cap seems to be on “drop” and not “pickup”.

If you miss one bag, which can easily happen during a chest- or dungeon-run, you are screwed for the day :confused:


9 still seems to be the default. Almost always I get 9., rarely 10.
The only thing that changed is that you are done after 30-40 minutes most times. And then try to get number 10 in vain for half an hour.
And I missed no drops.


The 10 limit is probably because it is relatively simple to accumulate extras with the bonus potion chance combined with the duplicating toast ear ring.

No. Just the max quantity of 10 Topaz during the 1 hour that the potions lasts.


Here is how I understand it and my personal experience

I believe only 10 gypsum drop a day. The first time i did topaz I only got 8 out of 10. The next day i got all 10 drops giving me a total of 18 in my inventory.

So yes you can potentially get 10 topaz a day. But even if you had 2 potions i believe you can only have 10 topaz drop per CD period. You can definitely accrue more then 10 topaz in your inventory

It sucked falling short the first time, but at least it lets me keep the spares in my inventory in case i miss a drop in thecfuture.

If you take another potion after the first expires, you dont get any extra topaz, right?
So it’s as if every one of those 10 topaz drops had an associated 20 h cooldown.


That is how i understand it. But haven’t tried using a topaz potion back to back myself… but i believe only 10 drop per CD period

I can vouch tho that it is possible to have more then 10 topaz gypsums in your inventory at 1 time.

Not to my knowledge, no. Just 10 per day.

Yes. You can stockpile your gypsum as much as you want.
But I think all gypsum types have drop cooldowns.
For example, Citrine Gypsum, the one dropped by arena bosses, can drop twice per day, even if you complete 3 or more arenas (and spend the required keys).
And I have the suspicion that eac of these drops have their own cooldowns. So if I do Siren at 15.00 and Sprig at 20.00, I won’t get any other citrine gypsum drop from any arena until about 11.00 next day, and after that, I will need to wait until about 16.00 later that day to get my second one for that day.

The worst is that nowhere is stated how many of these cooldowns you have running, and when will they end. You could waste a key and/our your time and get no drop because you can’t keep track of all these hidden cooldowns.

If you drink another potion you will probably not get any topaz because you most likely missed one on the first potion.

Hasn’t all gypsum cooldowns been removed(not sure about topaz). There is just a cooldown on casts. I got 2 blue gypsum from expeditions yesterday and I remember reading something about it in the patch notes… Can anyone confirm?


Cd’s have been removed on crafting Orbs. But for example you still only get 2 ruby gypsum a day from OPR. I would assume topaz still has its daily limit

That’s how I read it in the patch notes too. I’m pretty sure I got 2 blue gypsum yesterday though. There is a chance I had one in my inventory, but I had made as many casts as I could and did 2 dungeons later :person_shrugging:

I’ll try to get 2 emerald gypsum later and test… I’m probably wrong, but it would be great if it was the case…