Topaz & Obsidian Gypsum new cooldown timer dont work

Aren’t you lucky. It took me and a friend over 40 minutes of constant killing to finish topaz and Obs.


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Yes it is Broken killed over 20 Bison and some wolves level 59 in reekwater 11 minutes worth and got 1 topaz… One stinking Topaz… I don’t have that kind of time to waste…I

I was having problems getting Topaz to drop in Reekwood also, so I went to Eden Grove hoping to get my 10 Topaz gypsum but only 6 dropped after an hour :frowning: Different location, same problem…

Yep can confirm that Original Poster is right. Nothing has changed about obsidian and topaz drop timers.

@Luxendra, normally I don’t like being one of the thousands poking the staff, but I noticed this isn’t on the Known Issues February Monthly Release 2022

I am not able to notice the obsidian or topaz drop rate changes either as others have described above, and on the Reddit forums. Just wanted to be sure this gets some sort of attention. It’s hard for us to be sure of the changes in game because it is back-end stuff, but based on the results it seems to not be working/changed. Thanks.

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No wonder, the amethyst gypsum have the same issue.
currently running from portal to portal. only each 2 oder 3 portal drop a amethyst, instead of a 30 seconds cooldown…´which should be lead to 1 amethyst per portal.


We need to get more attention to this thread so it doesn’t get buried… Unfortunately reading through the entire “Known Issues” list I linked above I don’t see any of these being included.

up, get it even seems like taking longer… 2nd day took me over 40 min to get the obsidian gypsums


Bump for more attention!!

Lately i got the feeling that stuff like this is hold back intentionally again to limit progress because they are not sure if the majority will catch up to fast now. Maybe its also made like this to keep players longer in the game but to be honest gypsum farming is sometimes just boring and i want to be done with it as fast as possible. It feels like they want to look into Data first but then they should just not put changes like this in the patch notes since nothing has changed.
I cant imagine that its so hard to change some cooldowns on Gypsum drops but also there is again no reaction from AGS but players reported it already the first day after patch went live.
I might be wrong but thats my feeling after being in this game since release and i played everyday.

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Man, this game has turned into a mess after the “bug fix patch”. I mean seriously, how can you ruin the game even more after doing 1 month of bug fixing? They literally added so many new bugs and re-implemented already fixed bugs that I pretty much lost all hope that was left.

  • Where are the 1000 fixes they stated in the dev video?
  • Where are the QoL they talked about months ago? Like not stopping and turning into a model looking into the mirror when I just wanna check my inventory?
  • Where are arenas? Not even in march. We get a new story, we get a new expedition that is already there but not implemented.
  • Where is desync fix?
  • Where is the Gypsum cooldown reduce that is IN THE LIVE patch notes?
  • What about “we have to rebuild trust?”
  • What about “we know you are frustrated?” You actually do not, or why are you frustrating the players even more?

And the most important.

Where are HOTFIXES for your broken BUG FIX patch?
Where is a CLEAR communication that you messed it up? At least be HONEST one time.

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@Luxendra issue still not on public list. Please listen!

I think the Topaz worked for me, I noticed that I got a topaz at 59 mins, 57 mins, and then 56 mins. The time still varied tho but I still got 10 topaz faster than pre-patch. (not by that much)

Topaz was listed with 1-3 mins ICD. Go get 3 obsidian in less than 30 mins. Wont happen. It’s about pulling 10 boars and loot more than 1 Topaz. Wont happen too.


Can also confirm this change wasn’t put through

Yes its true

Obsidian always works like this for me since the patch: Get an Obsidian → set an alarmclock to 15 minutes → the next boss right after its ringing drops the next Obsidian. Every bosskill inbetween drops no Obsidian.