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So you are saying that you walked to that person, traded him, put the gold amount (500k) and hit “Confirm” and you are now complaining that the game did what it’s expected to do, trade the money to the other person?

Of course the other person behavior later is bad but you literally made a trade and hit confirm assuming that for some reason wouldn’t work. I don’t understand where’s the scam part.


Why you expect the game to boot you outside of the trade? Is that some confirmed mechanic or?

If the reason is that he would have exceeded his money cap, well it only takes him to trade all his money to a friend before trading you and that’s it.

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Why you risked that btw? Is he your friend as well?

This feels like it falls under the same category as people complaining they “lost” gold because they would not wait the mere 2-3 seconds it takes for the price to update before they sold/bought something.
It does not sound like a bug, it sounds like you receiving the excess gold is AGS’s “solution” to the gold cap trading issue - there are safeguards in every game to make sure you can’t too easily “ruin” your account/character/game, but, like, at a certain point, if you want freedom in a game, they can’t have baby bowling lane bumpers on every single function of the game - people do need to be allowed to do stupid things if they want to. While it sucks that the guy did not give the gold back, this would be an example of doing a stupid thing.

gold trade worked as intended and now u complain here?


How do you have 500k gold?

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as stated earlier i tested the mechanic first, under normal circumstances it cancels the trade. in this circumstance it swapped our gold balances.

You should get back to farming gold…… Testing this with a complete stranger make no sense. Enjoy the grind


I mean, the fact that it swapped balances sounds like a bug, and I feel for you there… losing 500k gold because you opened a trade window and dropped it in for the bug to take effect… a little harder to feel bad. Sorry though, either way.

Reality is you were selling 500k for some usd :money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings: and somehow the trade failed thats what you re tryng to say right?


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes


Oh look, if it isn’t the consequences of your own actions.

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Nonone is selling a bow for 500k and 100 asmo the 100 asmo are there only for make you feel bether so it looks like a trade you give him gold + random item and he gives a random item to it looks like an trade how do i know? My friend is buyng gold :joy:

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Gold seller :joy::money_with_wings:

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Yes, we both knew the bow was worthless. i had just hit my net worth to a point where i actually had enough assets to meet his joke offer that he was advertising in global.

I never intended to complete the trade with him, I just found it funny that I actually had enough value to meet his ridiculously high number.

Gold sellers crying on forums making my day :rofl:

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lol so stupid, rip $$$

Why you talking about been perma banned 2 posts earlier and now its a test with a stranger ? Get your story straight

After crying in global about your failed troll for like an hour, you decided to cry on the forums? I deserve the 500k more than you for just reading this garbage in both places.

Some guy made a joke about a dex one/zero good perk legendary bow, and you gave him like 563k coins for it. The game has no obligation to help you not give away your money. You clicked both buttons to confirm the trade. Did you test if the pop up shows only one time?

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